Mahila e-Haat an Online Marketing Platform for Women Launched

It isn’t just the private sectors which is giving a moral boost for the women empowerment, but even the government seems to be doing it equally providing all means of support for empowering the women folk. In a path-breaking initiative, the Ministry of Women and Child Development, has launched “Mahila e-Haat”, an online marketing platform for women at the national capital, New Delhi.

Mahila e-Haat is a unique online platform where participants can display their products. It is an initiative for women across the country as a part of ‘Digital India’ and ‘Stand Up India’ initiatives of Prime Minister, Narendra Modi.

Speaking during the launch, Ministry of Women and Child Development, Maneka Sanjay Gandhi said that this initiative can prove to be a game changer since it will provide access to markets to thousands of women who make products and are spread all over the country but have little access to markets. She said: “The initiative is unique since this is the first time that the government will help women to sell products online, the Minister added. Congratulating Rahstriya Mahila Kosh and all those involved in creating the portal. It is web page based and has unlimited reach and can, therefore become catalyst in creating a new generation of business women.”

The Minister said that this empowerment of women will take place in three stages in which Mahila E-Haat is the first stage. In the second stage, it is planned to integrate it with e-commerce portals to provide a larger platform for selling and buying. Ultimately it will culminate into Women’s Entrepreneurs Council which will help to expand this initiative further and give it an institutional shape.

Mahila E-Haat is an initiative for meeting aspirations and need of women entrepreneurs which will leverage technology for showcasing products made/manufactured/sold by women entrepreneurs. They can even showcase those services being provided by them which reflect creative potential e.g. tailoring. This unique e-platform will strengthen the socio-economic empowerment of women as it will mobilize and provide better avenues to them. More than 10000 Self Help Groups (SHGs) and 1.25 Lakh women beneficiaries would be benefited from the day of launch of the site itself. Participation in e-Haat is open to all Indian women citizens more than 18 years of age and women SHGs desiring for marketing their legal products/services after indemnifying RMK from any or all acts of transaction.

The e-Haat is expected to result in paradigm shift enabling women to exercise control over their finances. The entire business of e-Haat can be handled through mobile phone. The product, along with photograph description, cost and mobile no./address of the participants will be displayed on the e-Haat enabling direct contact between sellers/service providers and buyers.


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