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Make your office paperless and stress free

Information created within any business small or large, is an invaluable asset for operational continuity as well as retrospective insight in the hope of increasing profitability. Hence information contained in documents inaccessible to the right people at the right time can lead to intangible losses of an entire organization. Instances such as an important architectural drawing being misplaced, or a delivery challan of goods procured being lost or the latest version of a design drawing that cannot be traced are scenarios often encountered in organizations. When businesses organize their documents, they attempt to streamline the process to consume unstructured data. There are many document management companies that help businesses achieve a stress free and paperless (or at least paper reduced) workplace by providing easy and structured access to its client’s documents. Docuvity is one among such companies which helps their clients in paperless managing of their documents.

Docuvity’s software is a Document Management System (DMS) that not only provides a user friendly interface but some great features as well. Along with the standard DMS features like search, view, create and versioning of documents, other value added features such as notifications, sharing, collaboration, and Business Process Management (BPM) through workflows are available in an integrated software solution.

Businesses use DMS to manage their electronic documents as well as their physical documents. Docuvity also offers a document scanning service that enables businesses to digitize physical documents and files into easy to access PDF files. These electronic files are stored in a secure encrypted format that can only be accessed through the Docuvity’s application. The application uses industry standard 128bit SSL encryption to ensure you data is secure. Digitizing your records will also help you save on space in offices where rent and storage is expensive. Business owners can protect their critical documents such as product test reports, finance documents, contracts, drawings etc. by implementing Docuvity’s software on-premise, i.e.on their own server within their office or through a more cost effective model wherein they can use the application hosted on Cloud. It’s no secret that software as a service (SaaS) is an extremely popular model implemented in developed countries.

Docuvity’s file sharing feature makes it extremely easy to share files within your business as well as with 3rd party vendors and partners.  Email notifications in the software allow users to be alerted on any activity on the files and folders that they choose to monitor in real time.

The software also has an automated workflow integrated into it. Documents that need to be circulated within an office for updates and approvals can be managed in predefined process that is in principle a replication to the way a physical document is routed within the organization. Docuvity’s integrated workflows makes businesses manage their processes more efficiently by alerting users of their required attention and at times escalating the process in order to meet timelines. Docuvity’s support team is committed to exceeding customer expectations and makes sure your data is regularly backed up and in your control so that there are no unexpected disasters that could lead to data loss.

SMBs on their part can implement this product to leverage and explore several other features that can help manage their documents effectively. Docuvity has built its reputation on making sure customer’s documents are accessed by the right people at the right time. It is an SME that understands the needs and concerns of SME’s at affordable prices.

The writer is Mr. Nikhil Yathiraj, Co-founder and Director, Docuvity.

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