Micronic launches Ultra-Low Temperature Rack for Tissue Tubes

Multinational laboratory equipment provider, Micronic, has launched a new ultra-low temperature rack for tissue tube storage. For over thirty years the Dutch company has designed and produced sample storage solutions, and more recently traceable sample storage solutions, to myriad laboratory facilities, including but not limited to universities, government institutions and industrial labs in multiple verticals. Micronic is an independent, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified company company headquartered in Lelystad, The Netherlands.

The company’s sales, marketing and product support is carried out through two sales offices at Micronic America LLC and Micronic Europe BV.

micronic rackMicronic says their new 24-2 rack is manufactured in a Class 7 cleanroom production facility, and that it can accommodate twenty-four 3.00 ml tissue storage tubes in an automation compatible dimensional footprint that meets the standards of the American National Standards Institute/Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening. The company claims the new 24-2 rack significantly reduces the chance of deformation caused by temperature fluctuations, and that it is meant for long term use in automated ultra-low temperature tissue storage facilities.

The Micronic 24-2 rack is made from from polycarbonate, is free of RNase, DNase and pyrogen, and the company says it can be supplied after being sterilized with gamma irradiation or ethylene oxide treatment if the buyer requires such sterilization. According to the company, the Class 7 clean room conditions under which all Micronic racks and tubes are manufactured, meets the U.S. Federal Standard 209E.

Micronic says their new 24-2 rack can be autoclaved multiple times, which in turn substantially reduces costs when compared to consumable sample storage products. Complete traceability and reproducibility on the 24-2 rack is enabled by alphanumeric visual location aids and a unique laser engraved barcode on the side of the rack. The rack is made with an open bottom design that allows for faster defrosting of tissue samples. The Micronic 24-2 racks and covers are also designed to be stackable so that storage space is conserved inside freezers or during transport, and the rack can be opened by moving the lockers, located at each end of the cover, in an upwards direction.




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