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MP3 player makes visually-impaired inmates of IDL confident and independent

For a visually-impaired person, going for a movie or for that matter studying and going to a normal school was something beyond one’s imagination. Without the help of a second person,who would read it out for them, it was impossible for them to go ahead with their studies. The advent of new technology has indeed made them independent and made life easier for these group of people. Since the time they have received MP3 pocket recorder and player each, a group of 50 young visually-impaired hostel inmates of Indian Disability League (IDL) seem to be more confident and independent.

Earlier it was the audio cassettes, then came the compact disc, however these were cumbersome to carry it everywhere. But with the advent of newer technology like the MP3 players which comes handy has made it easier for the visually-impaired to carry it in their pockets. Just with a click of a button of their MP3 pocket player they can record whatever is being taught in the classroom which later they can listen and grasp, said PK Paul, Founder and Executive Trustee, IDL.

The most interesting part is that all these 50 inmates are attending normal school and colleges. Few of them are going to BBMP High School, few to Government High School, some of them to Viajya College and few to Vijaynagar College. Most of them need to travel long distance, near about 2-4 hours to and fro for their school and colleges everyday so the travel time can be made productive. They can now utilize the travel time too by listening to the recordings they made in their classrooms when they are in the bus and can grasp the teachings without anyone’s help.

Meanwhile, it isn’t just for their studies, if they are too bored they can also have a bit of entertainment- they can listen to songs, radio and also movies just with the click of one of the button in their MP3 player. Earlier visually-impaired children were not able to attend normal schools, they were dependent on someone to read the text books for them and were sent to special schools. This initiative has indeed help bring visually-impaired to the mainstream.

When asked about the idea of introducing MP3 players for their inmates, Paul said: “As the saying goes ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ so we have always been looking at better option. Since we found that providing MP3 player is cost effective at the same time it would make the visually-impaired competitive we came up with the idea. It has been almost about three years, about 50 of the inmates of IDL who are going to mainstream schools and colleges have been using this MP3 player and the feedback we are getting has been excellent. They are now almost addicted to the system and are independent.”

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Luna Dewan

Luna Dewan

With six years of her journalism experience, Luna Dewan has worked for leading print media like the New Indian Express, Deccan Chronicle and DNA. She has been writing on healthcare, environment and various other civic issues. She is now with Techspirit.in as the Assistant Editor.

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