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The pace at which technology is advancing and with the innumerable number of apps coming up is making it difficult for people to choose the best one. This has also led to a lot of duplication in the process. In a bid to do away with all these Deluxe Elite Info Solutions Pvt Ltd has come up with a full-fledged virtual app store, where the users could freely interact and work using different apps simultaneously. The app serves the purpose of all segments – professionals, businesses and the IT world. is an innovative concept that is powered by the top-notch hybrid public cloud computing technology. It creates a universal platform that enables users to interact and work on different apps in different domain simultaneously. Though is yet in a beta stage, at present users could engage in activities such as creating a user profile, purchasing products and premium services from different stores, purchasing subscription packages, connecting with like-minded people and sending testimonials. Through this platform users are allowed to work on different activities in different apps. It also makes interaction with third party apps hassle free and simple.

With this platform, the apps can be customized, changed, and expanded depending on the need of the user. Multiple technologies can be converged and used with the platform. Only a single log in ID is needed to manage the user and the company account, user can connect both online and offline and the single centralized platform is all the user needs. In regards to content,it can be generated by both the user as well as a third party. Various social interactive tools are available, information is organized through a centralized system. Meanwhile, the services will also help in completing the task in less time with fewer resources, allowing management of different applications and tasks from a single platform and also the connectivity among platforms is secured.

Mr Viraat Chatur Kothare, Founder Director, Deluxe Elite Info Solutions Pvt Ltd said “ In today’s, world, information on the web  have increased by manifold, user have multiple accounts across multiple locations and domains and we currently facing the crunch of remembering of information, sharing of data, communication  and  completion of tasks in a limited time. Therefore our company comes in the picture in development of a universal platform to end users to access and manage and control all virtual online accounts in one single centralized platform and sharing and collaboration of content and information with peers through different application developed in-house in various domains.”

The platform can be currently accessed in-house and third party apps. In the near future plans are on to provide access through the web, tablets, mobile, and desktop PCs. Integration between features is a key aspect of, data from different Google Apps can be easily integrated making it very efficient for the user. The best part of this platform is that, the user does not have to download recurrent updates which may be rather cumbersome. The infrastructure is based on the innovative Cloud VPS that uses Open Stack Technology which has the capability of serving a great variety of application users as well as website visitors, he added.

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Luna Dewan

Luna Dewan

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