Nanorobotics for better Healthcare Delivery

By Soumyalipa Das.

Nanorobotics is an emerging field creating machine or robots as small as a mere quarter of a millimeter. One of the biggest innovations in healthcare industry today are “Nanorobots” which are designed to wade through the blood stream to deliver drugs and destroy bacteria and other pathogens without harming the healthy cells.

Nanoparticles have wide range of applications and have great potential in combating infections, cancer cells, creating blood clots for wounds, repairing cells etc. but the most important function these nanrobots can serve right now is delivering drugs at the targeted-area without harmful side effects. Chemotherapy being one such treatment does not work effectively due to the drug delivery methods used. They are not accurate enough to target the cancer cells and kill them. These nanorobots will be much used in chemotherapy and killing cancer cells but 1000 times more effectively.

But getting these nanoparticles to their destination is not an easy task, so scientists from ETH Zurich and Technion-Israel Institute of Technology report to have designed new nanorobots which can swiftly swim through the body fluids and reach the desired targeted area.

The device they designed is made by attaching three links, one piece of polymer and two magnetic metal nanowires. This multilink chain is as long as the width of a silk fiber. This device was tested in a fluid thicker than blood to check the mobility of these nanoswimmers. Upon applying an oscillating magnetic field it was seen that the nanorobot moved in an S-shaped motion at a speed of one body length per second that means this design exhibits efficient locomotion of the robots. This way the nanorobots can be directed by the magnetic fields to reach their destination. These nanoswimmers are the future of medicine. Other Nanorobots like Microbivore, Respirocyte, Clottocyte are under research and hopefully they will be Human ready soon.

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