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Nejeeb Khan – an outstanding visionary in the field of architecture

Urbanization and the sprawling number of new constructions coming up across the country might certainly be a sign of development but towards this line very few think about the sustainable development part. One such outstanding visionary and who has brought about innovative method into the field of architectural design has been Mr. Nejeeb Khan, Managing Director of KGD Architecture, headquartered in Bengaluru.

Green design (using less resource, recycled resource and doing it locally), sustainable construction, considering the safety of building construction taking the latest data from government about the seismic region and then incorporating the data into the projects has been few among the innovative techniques which Nejeeb considers a priority into each of his projects. Speaking to Techspirit about his noble designing ideas Nejeeb said: “Innovation is everywhere today, in any field, if you don’t get into innovation then you are out. Construction industry which we are part of, in India itself it is a 300 billion dollar industry. When it comes to innovation- we are using lot of innovative approaches today, if you ask me 10 years back versus today, we have made a huge jump in the technology front when it comes to the design aspect.”

He further stated: “Sustainable design is the direct need of the hour today. Very recently many people died in the country due to heat wave. Why do we see such heat waves happening? Ozone layer is depleting, lot of UV rays is coming to earth, temperature is soaring up, and all these are because of increased CO2 emission. These buildings are 50% responsible for CO2 emission; hence, the idea of sustainable construction becomes very important. If buildings are constructed the way it was done like five-six years ago we will be in a very serious situation.”

People have now started to think about how do we tackle this serious problem and this is how the innovation has begun. For example today we design buildings as we design ships, it is not just creating drawing but we are creating intelligent models of buildings we even rehearse the construction before we actually construct the building so we are not taking any chances, we know exactly about the building before it touches the ground, Nejeeb further stated.

Earlier people used crude way of construction technology; they used to destroy the environment creating lot of noise pollution and air pollution. Today lot of different technologies has come up where you can construct fast. Relating about the newer innovative technologies in construction industry which he considers important, he said: “Another important aspect of technology in construction is the internet of things. Today everything is connected- your phone is connected to car, house etc. Today building is also going to be internet of things. IT front is advancing so much- there is smart phone, smart homes, smart cities so this smartness is coming from internet of things. One can close their homes or also keep an eye on the same sitting at office; homes can interact with the virtual space.

Another big aspect is the virtual reality. Today we can really walk into the building, touch and feel the building before it is constructed. We can create a studio and feel the building. Artificial intelligence is also coming up big time today. Lot of projects like the use of robotics, for instance MIT lab has found out ways to construct homes using robots so this is going to change the entire construction scenario. 3D printing is the newest technology coming up in construction field. Today we are also talking about building homes, but very soon we are going to print the house. The way we are going to construct itself is going to change.”

Nejeeb who always had a fascination for buildings wanted to become an architect. Following his dream through many hardships he has worked on many prestigious projects with his first one being 1300 room hotel for Walt Disney project in 1995 at Florida. Currently he is working for six different verticals-educations, healthcare, hospitality, residential, commercial, retail and transportation in India and abroad.

Nejeeb said: “Once I had the confidence after working for over a decade, I thought end of the day our country has so much to offer to us so I came back to India and started KGD Architecture with American partners. Starting from scratch, currently the company has 300 plus architects, engineers across the country. We are a service sector and I consider talent an important aspect- about original thinking and bringing in some different creativity.

Under the leadership of Nejeeb, the company, whose operations started in 2006 is growing 60-70% every year which is enormous growth. He says: “innovation is one of our tagline and we are planning to expand our verticals to sports next year followed by science and technology.”

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