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Neurolite therapy- one effective way to treat diabetes

With the coming in of advanced technology, the entire healthcare sector has seen a sea change over the past few years. Adoption of these innovative technologies seems to have effectively reduced the pain and sufferings of patients. Light, which was known to mankind for over several years can now be effectively used to ease diabetic patients. Neurolite therapy, (using the infra red light and LED light) is one among such advanced and most effective method of treatment for diabetic patients who are suffering from ulcers, joints pains and wounds.

How neurolite therapy works? When light rays fall on the skin it rejuvenate the skin cells and stimulates blood circulation. When blood circulation improves the oxygen supply increases in the wounded part of the body makes it heal fast. Neurolite are made out of diodes that are arranged in particular method so that wave length of the emitting light can be controlled to the required intensity. “The LED transmitters and infra red transmitters has higher wavelength thereby stimulating the cells which are responsible for healing the wounds much faster. Unlike the lazer lights which causes burns and can be harmful, the use of neurolite therapy is much safer” says Dr Pawan Belahalli, Specialty Consultant (Ankle and Foot), Karnataka Institute of Diabetology).

Neurolite therapy are more often used in chronic cases of ulcer, where every other method seems to have failed. They can be used at a frequency of once to twice a week depending on the severity of the case, he further added. When delivered at a heat specific wavelength and frequency produced by this revolutionary unit, this spectrum of light produces very good results. Neurolite therapy also improves circulation in the extremities for a longer period of time, and produces other positive physiological changes, so patients experience increases sensation and decreased pain.

Apart from diabetes related ulcers, wounds healing, it has also been found that neurolite therapy has proved useful in treating a lot of other ailments like dementia, wrinkles, injuries, muscular degeneration and also cure wounds caused by deep burns. By controlling the neurolite to produce required wavelength doctors can manipulate and control the intensity of light so that they decide and control how much penetration a patient need to be stimulated enough to cure his wounds after a set period of time it gets switched off automatically.

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Luna Dewan

Luna Dewan

With six years of her journalism experience, Luna Dewan has worked for leading print media like the New Indian Express, Deccan Chronicle and DNA. She has been writing on healthcare, environment and various other civic issues. She is now with Techspirit.in as the Assistant Editor.

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