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Neurosonology – State-of-the-art Technology to Prevent Stroke

The incidence of stroke is on the rise and the more worrying factor is that more of youngsters are falling prey to stroke. Sedentary lifestyle,stress has been few of the many causes of stroke. According to neuro experts, prevention and care is the best way to avoid stroke. In a bid to play safe and prevent oneself from being victims of stroke, a state-of-the-art technology – Neurosonology has come up. This facility is available at selective hospitals in India and BGS Global Hospitals, Bengaluru is one to provide this facility.

Neurosonology is a point of care Ultrasonography performed at bedside. It includes carotid vertebral doppler and transcranial Doppler. By this technique the blood supply to the brain can be obtained in real time continuously thus allowing findings to be co-related with the patients presenting signs and symptoms. This technology allows for early fat deposit within the blood vessel (atherosclerosis) and is useful for both primary and secondary prevention of stroke.

It has been found that according to a community based surveys, stroke affects 119/1,00,000 population in India and 15 to 30% of stroke victims are young adults in the age group of 15 to 45 years. Stroke, however is not only caused by vessel occlusions but also by vessel ruptures which lead to intracranial hemorrhages. The new technology help to visualize and monitor intracranial hemorrhages with higher sensitivity. Neurosonology includes carotid vertebral Doppler, Transcranial Doppler, and Peripheral nerve and Muscle sonography.

Transcranial Doppler- Novel technology also called as doctors tethoscope of the Brain. It complements Brain MRI/CT Angio by providing information on blood flow velocities, collateral flow and emboli in intracranial cerebral vessels.

Carotid Vertebral Doppler -Provides information about cerebral vessels in the neck. It is sensitive in picking up atherosclerotic changes in the vessels like IMT, Plaque and Stenosis. It is the only bed side technique that provides information on arterial wall.

The Neurosonology is generally helpful to get the neurological status of the patients after subarachnoid hemorrhage, after a brain operation or in cases of suspected cerebral circulatory arrest.

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