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New technology lowers construction time

Time, quality and cost have been the principle driving force in the construction industry to take the next leap in the advancement of construction technology and methodology. Modularization of the building components to be manufactured off site in the factory and only assembled on the site has been mandate to achieve all these goals. May it be precast technology or steel construction where all the key element are manufactured off site and just erected on the project site or POD construction where a full space with all the final finishes like toilets are manufactured off site and placed on the project site like a plug and play model.

Slowly but surely the construction industry will adapt to the new ways for no other reason but just to sustain the growth in demand of the built environment with the international quality desired. We as KGD have been investing in research and development with help of our partners to introduce new technologies in our built healthcare environment to explore new avenues which will help satisfy our clients who are highly competitive international healthcare providers.

Our differentiator has always been our cutting edge innovative design philosophy which is to be grounded in the reality of building a hospital but still push the envelope to create a value add for the client in terms of construction and operational efficiency with new technologies.

We are building a fully precast hospital which is cutting the construction time by half and still maintaining a world class level of construction quality. In addition we are also constructing a steel building for one of our healthcare clients. This is a brown filed project and this technology will help cut down time and nuisance of construction as it’s a fully operations hospital. KGD is actively partnered with many Healthcare providers in India and abroad, to list a few, Apollo, Fortis, Columbia Asia, DM Aster and PHS.

About Kgd-architecture:

Kgd-architecture, is one of India’s largest Architectural, Engineering and Interior Design firm comprising of a team of over 300 dynamic architects and engineers from across the globe including USA, Spain, and UK with network teams in Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Dubai, Al Khobar and Denver. The company which started in 2003 is currently working on projects across 19 Indian States and is also taking care of international assignments in Dubai, Male, Bali and California. Major among the focused verticals includes- transportation-airports, railway and bus terminals, townships, hospitals and medical campuses, education, hospitality, commercial and industry. KGD-architecture works on a 5D platform to effectively manage conflicts and sequencing along with reduction in cost and construction time. Our designs are in consideration with building life-cycle which lowers down the maintenance cost.

The writer is Ajay Gupta, Executive Director, Kgd-architecture


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