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Newer Dentistry Technology provides Painfree Treatment

In today’s digital and modern world where everything is on fingertips and easily approachable, healthcare is also not left untouched. Today when a patient enters the clinic he is aware about the disease and eager to take treatment unlike in ancient time where patient was unaware. Talking about Dentistry which is my specialty there was a time when Dentist were known for extraction of teeth& were not included in mainstream of medical field. In today’s scenario dentistry is changed from painful to painless with the use of newer technology which includes modern gadgets for doing root canal treatment ,lasers-both hard and soft tissue for cutting and implants for giving fixed teeth even to those who did not have single tooth in their mouth without any age limit .

Today with easy access to internet even mind set of patient seeking treatment is changed from extraction of teeth which was easiest & quickest way to get rid of disease /pain to saving it even when it is badly damage because there level of understanding & approach towards a healthy living is increased.

Gadgets live CAD-CAM (computer aided Design & computer aided manufacturing ) we can do prediction analysis (i.e. how things will be after treatment )in today time smile designing and treatment like smile enhancement are very common and are does routinely even in B class cities with the help of newer technology.

Newer technology has taken healthcare field including dentistry to a new level there is no doubt about it & we are still getting advanced day by day with the advent of newer technologies & it is mandatory for every healthcare provider to get regularly updated with what is going around the world with latest & modern way in order to get the best possible treatment with as much less pain as possible to our patients.

The writer is Dr Saket Jain, Proprietor of Saket Dental Clinic and Orthodontic Centre, MP.

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