PhotoElectricChefs strives to make difference in society with technology

Imagine that you could put on/off your geyser right from your gym or while you are about to reach your home? At one point or the other you might have felt that your bedroom electric switches are way too far and you might have felt that you could have had a remote so that you could monitor it from your bed. What if all the switches travelled with you in your own smartphone? Well, this isn’t just an imagination. This is now been made possible by Home Automation Solution by PhotoElectricChefs, founded by a team of young engineers based in Bengaluru and are striving to make a difference in society with the help of technology.

PhotoElectricChefs is a product based start-up focusing on home automation products developed with energy saving kept in mind. It offers standalone and customizable products for auto-lighting systems, affordable home automation system to serve a wide spectrum of users. It helps control all the switches in your house with your smartphone or tablet over the internet.

PEC1About the working of home Automation Solutions- Once set, the appliances can be set to Turn On and Off at a specified time. One could design profiles or modes with a defined configuration for multiple appliances and lights to suit your moods- like for instance movie mood, party mood, relax mode etc. One could have their lights automatically turn on when you enter a room. Handy remote controls provide direct interaction and also double up as emergency buttons for childrens and elders.

The system has smart facilities like for instance the apartment owner can control as well as monitor the status of the pool heaters, lights in the common area, appliances and lights of the club house. Above all, the most important functions provided by the PhotoElectricChefs is the safety. It helps in getting notified of intruders when one is not at home, the smoke detectors immediately alerts the users, the security and the fire brigade in case a fire breaks out. Meanwhile the kitchen is monitored for gas leakage and concerned authorities are alerted immediately.

In a market saturated with imported products and inflated costs, we believe in self sustenance and rigorously tested quality. Every component from the hardware to the software are manufactured, developed and coded in India, said Mr Ganesh CS, Co-founder, PhotoElectricChefs.


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Luna Dewan

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