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For quick, accurate ECG report check Philips’ Efficia ECG100

Have you ever thought that your android device could be useful in getting your ECG reports?With the coming in of newer technologies everything is going portable, people require everything handy and quick. Technology in terms of healthcare has been a boon and cutting edge newer diagnostic devices coming up every now and then has been a testimony to it. In these lines, enhancing quick patient care in keeping with the affordability Philips has come up with a portable, movable ECG device – Philips Efficia ECG100 for diagnosis of cardiac-related illness.

With the Philips Efficia ECG100 acquisition device one can capture, display, and print simultaneous 12-channel ECG waveforms and can be used for both inpatient and outpatient care. The device is portable and built to work with app‑enabled smartphones and tablets for Android, where in the users can view 12-channel ECGs directly on their mobile devices. This Efficia ECG100 offers field-proven Philips technology with a low cost of ownership, so that one can share vital health information with consulting cardiologists and specialists, even in remote locations, said Jagadeesh A, Sr Engineering Manager, Healthcare, Philips India Ltd, Bengaluru.

The Efficia ECG100 provides four hours of non-stop usage with an easy-to-use, intuitive interface in a small portable design. The device then sends wireless reports to a computer, off-site health expert or deliver fast ECG reporting to a printer with A4 paper to print in grayscale or color. The Efficia ECG100 also allows users to store ECG PDF reports easily with large storage capacity (1,000 ECGs per 1GB) on the device. It also relays waveforms to an app-enabled Android smartphone or tablet and can reference past ECGs for further evaluation and follow-up care. Accurate readings are enabled by lead map, lead disconnection, and noise level indicators.

The Efficia ECG100 acquisition device is basically designed for private clinics, nursing homes, hospitals, and other healthcare centers, allowing technicians and clinicians to enhance patient care.

How it works?

The ECG cables and electrodes are connected to both the patient and Efficia ECG100 acquisition device.
The Efficia ECG100 acquisition device acquires ECG information.
The Efficia ECG100 acquisition device wirelessly sends information to the ECG100 app for android device (phone or tablet).
Using the ECG100 app, ECG reports can be stored, transmitted to a printer or emailed to a consulting physician.

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