Quintype launces SpeakWrite to help Startups

With end number of startups coming up, this has brought about a lot of competition. Aiming at mentoring these promising startups Quintype, a data-driven publishing company based out of Bangalore and California has launched SpeakWrite – a unique program that will invest in promising startups in the digital media space. The program will advise, mentor, design, develop, and help launch the sites and apps of the selected startups into the real world.

Amit Rathore, Founder & CEO, Quintype

Amit Rathore, Founder & CEO, Quintype.

SpeakWrite will provide expertise and support from an audience distribution, development and engagement perspective, and will help the startup scale up once the startup is launched. The startups will be mentored by Quintype’s experts with deep entrepreneurship and corporate experience, along with deep insights in the publishing domain. The program will provide mentorship, technology, a state-of-the-art publisher platform, publishing ecosystem, and an innovative community for a period of 12-24 months.

“SpeakWrite will cost no money. However, in exchange for investing SpeakWrite and Quintype resources in the selected startups, Quintype will take a percentage of equity stake in the respective startups. The exact amount depends on several factors: the stage of the startup, the amount of funding raised, the complexity of the initial site/apps, the business plan etc. “As this is a new program, we expect to close this year with 5 startups, out of which we have already picked 3”, said Amit Rathore, Founder & CEO, Quintype. “We plan to invest in around 15 more startups next year”, adds Amit.

SpeakWrite’s program will neutralize the advantage that big publishing houses have with their deep pockets, large teams, and investments in technology. SpeakWrite offers the following to selected startups: design expertise and services to design site/apps, implementation expertise and services to develop/test/iterate on site/apps, launch to market, 1000 hours of professional services (design/development) over 12 months, introductions to relevant industry partners, advisors, and investors, access to geographies and ongoing mentorship.

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Luna Dewan

Luna Dewan

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