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Rajiv Jayaraman excels with KNOLSKAPE in gamified learning space

Excelling in what one is good at is what Rajiv Jayaraman has shown to the world. Having a deep passion for technology, design, education and story telling, Rajiv Jayaraman has successfully brought about all his passion together through KNOLSKAPE. A BITS Pilani alumnus and an MBA from INSEAD, Rajiv Jayaraman, Founder-CEO of KNOLSKAPE initially worked at Oracle, USA where he led many technology products from the ground up. Rajiv started KNOLSKAPE at the Singapore campus of INSEAD and has since spearheaded the organization to become a leading player in the gamified learning space.

KNOLSKAPE is an award winning immersive gamification and simulation software company focusing on talent transformation. Using simulation platform, KNOLSKAPE deliver training products, assessment solutions and a wide range of services – from gaming to scenario planning. Top B-schools rely on their domain expertise in management and technology to partner with KNOLSKAPE for their academic computing needs. Since 2008, KNOLSKAPE has been on a relentless mission- delighting managers from Fortune 500 companies, students at top B-schools, top-notch academicians and recruiters with their simulation based products and services. Our core philosophy is that the best way of learning and assessing capabilities is by doing. Keeping with this philosophy, we have been developing products and services that are immersive, engaging and real-life-like, he added.

K1When asked about the idea of coming up with the initiative Rajiv Jayaraman, Founder-CEO of KNOLSKAPE said: “Knolskape was started in 2008. When I joined INSEAD, I wanted to startup something in the space where technology and creativity would intersect. I had a background in theater and film-making, so my week days while at Oracle were all about cranking code, and weekends were all about being creative and doing on-stage theater. At INSEAD, I came across a simulation based change management program and that was an eye-opener for me. It was a technology based product around story telling, the simulation had a scenario and you had to play a role in it, and I thought that was a brilliant way to teach. That experience was the genesis of KNOLSKAPE.”

However, coming up with KNOLSKAPE wasn’t a cake walk for Rajiv. He says: “During the initial days, the challenge was primarily to educate the customers on the benefits of gamification for learning. Gamification back then was not a popular keyword. Today, it is a hot industry trend. The team has stellar background in developing gamification platforms, product development and UX design.”

Meanwhile, specifying about KNOLSKAPE, Rajiv stated: “We are different from our competitors in the market because we have a large repertoire of digital products and solutions. Our products are immersively gamified, lend themselves well for fast customization, have built-in actionable analytics. Our simulations and the ability to customize them to adhere to a particular case study or scenario help participants see their actions yielding results in a game-like manner. Couple this with immediate responses and feedback gives them a learning experience that is comparable to that of games.”

The journey has been fantastic. Each day presents an amazing learning opportunity. We want to expand geographically, introduce new product lines and deliver online products for a B2C audience, he further added.

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