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ReNew IT aims at making computers affordable for everyone

With Information Technology (IT) sweeping across every aspect of our being, having a computer has now become a necessity. However, affordability for most of the Indians has been a major cause of concern. Towards this effect, ReNew IT have taken it upon themselves as a mission to “Make computers affordable to everyone” and help millions of Indians to a brighter future.

As per Census 2011, India has an IT penetration of 9.5% at a household level. At the heart of this digital divide is the issue of Affordability. Mukund BS, Founder of ReNew IT says: “We at ReNew IT are bridging this digital divide by increasing the number of high-quality, low-cost PCs and related parts and accessories available to Schools, Students, NGOs, Small Businesses and millions of Indians. We mainly source computers from large MNCs – refurbish and re-market them.Our aim is to sell at least 1,00,000 affordable computers every year by 2020.”

Mukund BS, is a BE Electronics graduate from NIT Surat and post-graduate in management from IIM Calcutta, has an experience of working with ITC and Aashirvaad. About the idea to come up with ReNew IT, Mukund says: “Two events in 2008, catapulted us on this wonderful and extremely enriching journey of bridging the digital divide in India. My co-founder Raghav who was heading a pharmaceutical manufacturing unit had to upgrade his computers to run the latest software applications. His old computers were still functional but they had to be discarded and the watchman wanted it for his high-school kid. That was when the seed was sown. Around the same time, at one of the Indian weddings, I met a friend of an uncle who was visiting India from the US. He runs an organization where they buy back old IT equipment from large organizations, test them and harvest the working spare parts which are sold to companies for their maintenance requirements. We realized that there is a huge demand for affordable computers and there is a huge supply of old computers which instead of being disposed, if they are refurbished and made available to millions of Indians, we could transform lives. “

Since inception, ReNew IT have refurbished more than 20,000 computers impacting over 100,000 Indians. He said: “We have supplied computers to many rural and government schools whose students are now using computers for the first time.Many parents are proud to have bought a computer for their kid which they couldn’t afford before.The icing on the cake for an entrepreneur is creating more entrepreneurs – We have created many Micro-entrepreneurs who now sell computers, provide AMC and after sales support. We have also created student entrepreneurs who sitting in their dorm rooms are managing the social media for the digital immigrants.”

We have seen how the mobile phones have transformed the lives of billions of people across the world. But mobiles alone cannot get people jobs. Basic computer skills are required for most of the jobs today. A computer can change someone’s life forever. If all the Indian talent can get access to Information Technology it will result in an Incredible Tomorrow for the whole world. I strongly believe that IT would be one of the driving forces behind India’s transformation from a developing economy to a developed country, further added Mukund.


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Luna Dewan

Luna Dewan

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