ReNewIT launches Computers In Schools

ReNewIT, a Bangalore based Microsoft registered refurbisher and provider of high performance re-engineered computers, servers has launched a new initiative ‘Computers In Schools’ to bridge India’s wide digital gap. With this initiative ReNewIT plans to around 5 lakh students across Government schools in Karnataka to digital learning platform by the end of 2015. The initiative will be supported with training programs for teachers to get them get accustomed to using information, communication and technology (ICT).

The initiative will provide good quality refurbished computers to government schools at starting price range of Rs 4,500 and set up a computer lab with internet connectivity. ‘Computers In Schools’ has also plans to create employment opportunities for local youths who can be trained to repair and maintain computers, computer labs of government schools.

Commenting on this development, Mukund B S, Founder and Director, RenewIT said, ”At the heart of the digital divide in India is the issue of affordability. Our aim is to bridge this digital divide – to make India’s growth more inclusive by providing good quality computers at affordable prices. Our plan to target especially government schools is because most of the students enrolled in government schools don’t have access to computers”.

In this digital era, it is imperative for the future citizens to be digitally literate. Private schools invest in latest technologies but most of the government schools do not even have a single computer. “Globally, most of the schools use refurbished computers because they are highly economical, school children do not require the latest technology for learning and refurbishing helps the environment. In India, we don’t have any organized programs where schools are given good quality refurbished computers and ICT is integrated into the education. It is imperative for the students in today’s age to have access to computers and be digitally literate”, said, Raghav Bogaram, Co-Founder, ReNewIT.

Source: Press Release

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