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Robot to assist surgeons in hair transplant at Hairline

Hair fall and hair loss seems to an on going complain which we are hearing not just among women but even men. They are on the constant lookout for any available solution and tend to try out everything possible. Many of them are resorting to hair transplant as well. Following an extensive research, Hairline International Hair Clinic has now introduced for the first time in Bengaluru a semi robotic hair transplants using Neograft, to address this growing problem.

Unlike the conventional method of hair transplant, the semi robotic hair transplants using Neograft- a robot that will facilitate better processes for the implementation of Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) or hair transplant, provides an accurate, precise, speedier and better outcome. Speaking to Techspirit, Bani Anand, Director of Hairline International Hair Clinic, said: “What this essentially means is that the robot will facilitate a smoother hair transplant. It promises to do away with the scar that tends to remain behind following the FUE procedure and is part of a growing trend of surgery that is based on lower trauma, less scarring and quicker recovery periods. At Hairline, we do semi-robotic hair transplant which means the robot operates under the supervision of the surgeon and not independently. Thus we combine the expertise of the surgeon and the precision of a robot for effective results.”

When asked about how the Neograft works she further stated: “The Neograft hair transplant robot is a game changer and will essentially enhance the whole process of FUE making it simpler and faster. It works quite fast and can harvest up to 600 strands of hair per hour. It consistently gives high quality grafts to work with. The advantage of the product is that it does not cause any major trauma and does not leave behind scars. The pain levels experienced are minimal.”

Using the product is simple and does not require high-end surgical experience. The preparation of the donor site is the same as for the FUE process. Once prepared, the robot only needs to be lined up to the zone and the automated robotic system will do the rest. The robot can handle up to 2000 graft sessions at a given time and can easily be called the future of hair transplant.

We got the technology as well as the equipment from the United States. The response from the users in Bengaluru have been good. Mostly people in the age group of 20-30 years have been coming forward to use this new technology. Though the cost is little above the conventional hair transplant but it is reasonable. With every innovative technology there is better to offer for the public, she further added.

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Luna Dewan

Luna Dewan

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