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Robotic surgery latest in cancer treatment


Medical breakthrough coming in with the usage of latest technology has been doing wonders in terms of treatment of various diseases which earlier used to have no cure. Cancer, which people used to fear of being untreatable, is curable like any other diseases. With technological advancement, new cancer treatment modalities have come with more precision and are non-invasive. Robotic surgery is the latest in cancer treatment and is quickly catching up. It is being used to treat various cancers like the thyroid and larynx cancers.

Robotic surgeries are minimally invasive and allow the surgeons to operate with accurate precision and there are very less chances of complications post surgery and thereby helping the patients to have improved quality of life post surgery. Of the various advantages, if we look at the robotic assisted surgery conducted for patients with   there is no sign of any scar on the neck region of the patient following the surgery.

As against the conventional method of surgery used to treat thyroid tumour, with robotic surgery  the blood loss is low, it entails for less pain, recovery is quick and shorter hospital stay. Usage of robotics in medical surgeries also enables higher magnification and image with stability. Besides, the adoption of Endowrist technology which interprets and refines the surgeon’s hand movement into more precise movements and gives the surgeon natural hand-eye coordination and the automated application of multiple robotic arms eases the surgery procedure.

Robot assisted Thyroidectomy helps in precise dissection of the area to prevent injury to the vital structures and organs. Major benefits of the procedure as against the normal surgery includes – better  cosmetic outcome with no neck scars, reduced likelihood of recurrent laryngeal nerve damage, less risk of parathyroid gland damage, reduced likelihood of numbness in the anterior neck and preserves the quality of life.

Meanwhile in case of larynx cancer, the Robotic Transoral Surgery (TORS) has been the latest. Generally surgical access to areas such as inside the mouth, throat and neck is very minimal and there are lots of chances for cosmetic deformity. However, with TORS, the patient can be avoided of disfiguring of jaw bones as well as scars on facial area, significantly less pain, less blood loss quick recovery, no malignancy along with shorter hospitals stay and no side effects.

Meanwhile, robotic surgery has been successfully used to treat prostate cancer, head and neck cancer. Though slowly but steadily robotic surgeries are gaining popularity as they provide better solutions for those ailing with cancer.




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Luna Dewan

Luna Dewan

With six years of her journalism experience, Luna Dewan has worked for leading print media like the New Indian Express, Deccan Chronicle and DNA. She has been writing on healthcare, environment and various other civic issues. She is now with Techspirit.in as the Assistant Editor.

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