SecureAssist launched, helps software developer to secure coding

Making the best use of technology for security purpose is what iViZ Security, a leading provider of cloud-based application security testing, headquartered in Bengaluru, has been doing. Working towards this effect and keeping the industry challenges in mind, iViZ (a Cigital Company) has recently launched “SecureAssist”, a product that comes in need to every software developer to write secure code from the start. In other words, this is the product that unveils security vulnerabilities in software when the code is written. We all know prevention is better than cure and Cigital just applied that to software coding.

iViZSecureAssist focuses on helping developers reduce risk from the most common security vulnerabilities, as indicated by industry standards such as the OWASP Top 10 and CWE Top 25, which account for well over 70% of all attacks. By notifying developers when they are working on a section of code where risk could be introduced, SecureAssist reinforces secure coding practices, organizational standards and provides a consistent and validated source of guidance.

cigital-LogoIt doesn’t need security experts to train developers, it guides developers to write secure code all by itself by giving development knowledge that is needed to prevent bugs. Another advantage of SecureAssist is cost savings. Remediation of bugs in a software code at later stages increases costs which can be avoided mostly if developers can fix vulnerable code while writing. SecureAssist supports in programming environments like: Java (Eclipse, RAD, MyEclipse, SpringSource Tool suite), PHP (Eclipse, MyEclipse), .NET (Microsoft Visual Studio).

Mr. Bikash Barai, Co-Founder and CEO of iViZ said: “A simple tool with phenomenal use is expected to create a revolution in India’s software developer community. This just doesn’t automatically identify coding errors as code is written but also links the issues with precise location in source and displays customizable context-sensitive secure coding guidance.”

How SecureAssist works?
It just works like any other browser plug-in does. SecureAssist is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) plug-in that can be installed to program developing platforms. This product helps developers by giving suggestions that are:
Actionable – It gives a code example that helps in taking immediate action to replace the vulnerable code.
Contextual – Examples can be context based, like, it suggests code in programming language that you are working on.
Customizable – SecureAssist Plug-in can be customized to organizational standards.
Validated – Suggestions made by SecureAssist are developed in guidance of security experts.


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