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1st simultaneous pancreas-kidney transplant conducted in Karnataka at BGS Global Hospitals

Medical technology has grown by leaps over the past few years and this has given new lease of life to many who otherwise would have been just left to suffer. The availability of correct technology,diagnosis and experts’ know-how has been able to bring several ailing people back to normal. Recently at Bengaluru based BGS Global Hospitals, 23-year-old Shakeer D, underwent a simultaneous pancreas-kidney transplant successfully. Such simultaneous pancreas-kidney transplant was hardly heard of until the coming in of revolution in medical technology, and according to the hospital this is the first of such simultaneous transplant in Karnataka.

Shakeer had been suffering from Type 1 Diabetes requiring insulin since the age of 12 and had also developed diabetes-related complications-retinopathy, diabetic nephropathy and end stage kidney failure over the past two years which required dialysis. His blood sugar level was very erratic, and frequent trips for dialysis and repeated admissions meant that he was unable to work . Post transplant he is doing well and the whole family is overjoyed to see him lead a normal life.

According to the team of doctors who had conducted the procedure were of the the opinion that the combined pancreas-kidney transplant is a complex procedure and involved high surgical risks. Dr Anil Kumar, Consultant Nephrologist BGS Global Hospitals, said, “Shakeer had initially come to us for consideration of a kidney transplant. However, on assessment , it was very clear that given his poor diabetic control, a combined pancreas and kidney transplant would offer him the best chance of long term survival. We had extensive discussions with the family about his condition and the surgical procedure. Pancreas transplant is a complex procedure and the surgical risks are higher than a kidney transplant alone. The patient and his family considered the options and decided to go ahead on the wait list for a pancreas transplant.”

Shakeer was placed on the wait list for a combined pancreas and kidney transplant as per the norms of the Zonal Co-ordination committee of Karnataka. Typically, the selection criteria for pancreas are very stringent given the possibility of pancreatitis, so patients generally have to wait longer for suitable organ matching as compared to those waiting for a kidney alone. Dr Rajiv Lochan, Consultant, Organ Transplant Surgeon, BGS Global Hospitals, said, “ Shakeer was on the waiting list for 18 months. Last month, we received a call from the ZCCK saying that a suitable donor had been identified . The family members of the brain dead had agreed to donate their loved one organs. The pancreas and kidney were found to be a perfect match for Shakeer.”

Dr Sonal Asthana Consultant, Organ Transplant Surgeon, said, “The operation took around 6-7 hours. We did not remove any diseased organs from the body. The new kidney was placed on the lower left side of the abdomen and connected to the nearby blood vessels and the bladder. The ureter was attached to the bladder.The pancreas was connected to blood vessels on the lower right side of the abdomen. The pancreas and the kidney worked right away, and Shakeer did not require any insulin soon after the surgery was completed. He was in the hospital for around 3 weeks , and made an uneventful recovery. Shakeel was able to eat sweets for the first time in almost 10 years, shortly afterwards.”


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Luna Dewan

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