SteerLife to Revolutionize the Global Pharmaceutical Industry

The brainchild of two pioneers – Dr. Babu Padmanabhan and Dr. Himadri Sen, SteerLife is all set to revolutionise the global pharmaceutical industry by changing the way medicines are made and taken, It is further set to help companies move manufacturing practices from the conventional batch to continuous processing (B2C), bringing in much needed control and reproducibility.

SteerLife is a synergy between engineering and pharmaceutical sciences, to create advanced technology solutions and processes that allow for ‘Quality by Design’ as against the inefficient, wasteful, polluting and costly processes that is currently being followed by the industry.

In the conventional batch process, every material is charged ahead of processing and discharged after the completion of processing taking up time and effort. In SteerLife’s continuous manufacturing processes, materials are charged and discharged simultaneously during the processes. This not only allows for better consistency, it hugely impacts speed, scale of production and efficiency, besides significantly reducing the manufacturing footprint required for production.

SteerLife’s technology solutions include customised, production scale, co-rotating twin-screw extruders, designed to offer precise control over process parameters. Ranging from the B2C 12 E/F/G 20, 30, 40 and up to 70 mm, these self-contained, self-cleaning vessels can transform bulk material properties in a single step, at a very short time interval, ensuring optimised granules in preparing the final dosage forms.

In addition, SteerLife’s technology solutions help reduce manufacturing overheads, number of processing steps and waste, bringing in long term sustainability and effectiveness. SteerLife follow the Six Sigma framework and process analytics to develop specific solutions, allowing us to optimise the scale up while ensuring long term process stability and control from R&D stage to the plant stage.

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