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Super pulsed therapeutic robotic laser for better and faster therapeutic results

Consistent joint pain, muscle lesions, strains, sprains, complex regional pain syndrome or bedsores which have failed to get a quick healing process can be treated with M6 super pulsed therapeutic robotic laser. This class four laser is the first of its kind to be introduced in India at Bengaluru based Access Innovative Medicines. Compared to the traditional laser therapy, this world class super pulsed therapeutic robotic laser has been giving better and faster therapeutic results.

About its working, the diode laser induces strong anti-inflammatory, anti-edema, analgesic effects and repairs superficial lesions simultaneously within a short period of time. It minimizes the loss of energy caused by reflection and scattering and guarantees simultaneous activation of the photo receptor cells in the treated area. As against the traditional laser therapy, with this super pulsed therapeutic robotic laser there is a combination of synergy of the continuous and pulsed laser emissions brings strong and intense anti inflammatory, anti edema, and anti analgesic effects thereby providing long lasting results over time, reduces treatment time, considerable reduction in symptoms till its disappearance and faster recovery.

Meanwhile, the clinical studies and research using laser therapy technology have shown many beneficial effects on tissues and cells. Few among them are: anti edemic effect, analgesic effect, accelerates tissue repair and cell growth, enhances vascular activity, increases metabolic activity, relieves trigger points, reduces fibrous tissue formation, improves nerve function, immune regulation and fastens wound healing.

Speaking to Techspirit about the equipment Dr Vijaya Reddy, Consultant Orthopedics Medicine, Access Innovative Medicines, Jayanagar said: “Till date in India there were only Class 3 laser. Super pulsed therapeutic robotic laser is a Class 4 laser system which is the first of its kind in India and the biggest advantage of this equipment is that it can penetrate the deepest. Laser is just a light and this super pulsed therapeutic robotic laser delivers the amount of radiation according to the patient’s need. One just needs to position the machine to the patient’s area of pain keeping it at a standard distance, following which the machine itself will monitor and analyze the level of penetration and the duration of treatment.”

Since it involves radiation, the patient as well as to therapist needs to use protective glasses and should be free from metals in the part of the body where this laser is used. The number of treatment sessions depends on the severity of the injury and generally it goes to a maximum of 15 sessions and a minimum of three sessions.

One just needs to feed in to the machine about the patient’s problem, skin texture, physique, and if patient is in degenerative stage (chronic stage) then the machine will automatically set itself. Our body has healing mechanism itself and the laser enhances the healing process. Hence patients get back to normal life fast. It can be used for patients above 15 years of age. Also there are no side effects, no burning sensation, no pain and is non-invasive, Dr Vijaya added.

Conditions that can be treated with the super pulsed therapeutic robotic laser:

  • Complex regional pain syndrome

    • Trigger points

    • Myofascial pain syndromes

    • Strains

    • Sprains

    • Muscle lesions

    • Joint pains

    • Lumbago

    • Ankylosing Spondylitis

    • Fibromyalgia

    • Fasciitis

    • Brachial neuralgia

    • Craniofacial pain

    • Temporo-mandibular joint pain

    • Oedema

    • Haematoma

    • Wounds

    • Scar tissue

    • Burns

    • Bedsores


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