Gadgets draw fans at Comic Con 2015

The Bangalore Comic Con 2015, held at the White Orchid Convention Center last weekend, started with less “BANG!” and “POW!” than one would have hoped for. Perhaps one reason for the unenthusiastic response is what appears to be the event’s shift in priorities, as it has been reduced from a …


Snapdeal partners with Jolla to promote Sailfish OS

Finnish mobile company, Jolla Ltd, announced today that Snapdeal will now be part of the Sailfish OS Alliance. The two companies intend to promote the Sailfish OS based mobile ecosystem in India. Jolla develops mobile devices and open mobile operating system, Sailfish OS. Jolla’s first product, the Jolla Smartphone, was …


DataWind to leverage HomeShop18’s multimedia retail platform

DataWind Inc. (TSX: DW), a technology major specializing in low cost internet connectivity and wireless web access products, today announced that it will partner with e-commerce company, HomeShop18, in order to reach more consumers via HomeShop18’s integrated multimedia environment. The two companies will collaborate on sales programs via broadcast, mobile …


Futuristic workspace unveiled at Dell World 2014

At the Dell World 2014 event in Austin, Texas, Dell announced recent innovations in its PC business that are designed to connect users to their preferred content in order to enhance productivity. With the company’s introduction of new tablets, a futuristic “smart desk” workspace, an Ultra HD 5K monitor and …