Gadgets draw fans at Comic Con 2015

The Bangalore Comic Con 2015, held at the White Orchid Convention Center last weekend, started with less “BANG!” and “POW!” than one would have hoped for. Perhaps one reason for the unenthusiastic response is what appears to be the event’s shift in priorities, as it has been reduced from a …

Auburn University

Auburn University goes global with International Accelerator Program

Auburn University, which is situated in Auburn, Alabama (USA) is broadening its horizons to market the college as an international destination for higher education. The university is especially keen on marketing itself to Indian students. The International Accelerator Program (IAP), which is part of the recently launched Auburn Global program, …


Sci-fi in the theater of war: Boeing patents plasma force field

Boeing (NYSE: BA), has obtained a patent for a plasma force field.  Actually, the patent is for something called a “method and system for shockwave attenuation via electromagnetic arc,” so the term “force field” is perhaps being used a bit loosely.  Nevertheless, the force field is intended to envelop and …


Mitsubishi confirms viability of wireless solar power transmission

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI) recently carried out a ground demonstration testing of wireless solar power transmission. Unlike the solar tech presently in use, this is a groundbreaking and potentially disruptive technology currently under development. It is expected that space solar power systems (SSPS) will be the power generation systems …


Micron and Intel unveil 3D NAND flash

Today Micron Technology, Inc., and Intel Corporation unveiled their 3D NAND technology, what the companies say is the world’s highest-density flash memory. Flash is the storage technology used inside light weight laptops, fast data centers, and nearly every mobile device. Micron Technology, Inc. (Nasdaq: MU) specializes in advanced semiconductor systems, …


CTE announces partnership with ForgeRock

Today, Cambridge Technology Enterprises (BSE: CTE), an IT services company focused on the convergence of big data and cloud, announced that it has entered a partner agreement with ForgeRock® Inc., an open platform provider of identity management solutions. Businesses are now starting to take digital customer interactions seriously, and as …


Sonata partners with SAP’s Ambition Express in Bangalore

Initiating its second phase of SME Connect in Bangalore, Sonata Software is participating in the SAP Ambition Express bus roadshow event. Themed, “Not Just For Big Business, For Big Ambitions Too,” the SME engagement is receiving support from the Bangalore Chamber of Commerce and the Electronic City Association. The companies …


Ramco Systems gets state-owned Vietnamese client

Multinational aviation software provider, Ramco Systems, announced that the state-owned Southern Vietnam Helicopter Company (VNHS) is now one of its clients. To manage operations and maintain its expanding fleet of aircraft, VNHS will rely on Ramco Aviation Series 5, which will involve the integration of operations including Maintenance, Repair and …


What’s hot in home security

The demand for home security technology is on the rise. With economies around the globe being pushed to the brink of collapse, the world is becoming increasingly volatile as more and more people find themselves subjected to financial hardship. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and even people who never …

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Beyond Technology: Bedside manners matter

A 2014 research review, indicates that a physician with good bedside manners can positively impact patient outcomes. The review, which was reported online in the journal, PloS One, covered 13 clinical trials, and revealed that when doctors were given training to enhance their interpersonal skills, their patients experienced better results …