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A safer X-ray with XPCi

The X-ray procedures of today aren’t much different than those of yesteryear, except for the technology, which is has now gone digital and no longer relies on film. While X-rays and other medical imaging technology have saved countless lives by enabling accurate medical diagnosis, the radiation that patients are exposed to …


HackerEarth launches HackerEarth Sprint

Bangalore based HackerEarth, a start-up seeking to democratize technical recruitment, has announced the launch of HackerEarth Sprint which the company says is a unique tool developed for conducting hackathons. HackerEarth Sprint is the platform of choice on which the Aadhar Hackathon, in association with NASSCOM, is to be conducted on …


News Corp buys stake in Elara Technologies

NewYork based mainstream media giant, News Corp, has acquired a sizable minority stake in Elara Technologies, the Singapore-based parent company of Indian real estate marketing platform, PropTiger.com, for $30 million. Additionally, established investors who are partnered with SAIF, Accel and Horizon Ventures have decided to add another $7 million to …

Got an app for this?

India needs more occupational safety tech

India is in dire need of better occupational safety technologies, as dangerous working conditions are a leading cause of preventable, unnecessary death and disability among India’s working class. Every quarter, the nation’s growth rates are the center of attention, but the numbers of injured and dying workers who facilitate this …

Was Minority Report a glimpse of the future?

Smart cities to benefit cunning oligarchs?

When browsing for today’s hot topics one can easily find talk of smart cities tossed about with other buzz words like “urbanization” or “climate,” and most of the reading public are surely able to grasp the concept enough to know that digital technology and enhanced communications play a major role …