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Computer- a boon for Jayakodi

When it comes to technological innovation in the 21st century, the first thing that comes to one’s mind is the development of modern computers. The coming in of the new generation computers has changed the entire working structure of people across the globe, and it has certainly given hope for those differently abled group of people for whom being independent would have been a distant dream otherwise. Confined to crutches following a polio attack, Mrs. Jayakodi V a resident of Rajajinagr in Bengaluru, is one among the lot for whom computer has been a boon, making them independent like any other normal human being and lead them achieve greater heights.

Inspired by one of her uncle, Jayakodi’s ambition was to become a computer programmer. However, following financial constraints in the family she could not pursue her further studies after her diploma in computer sciences. Soon after her diploma she had joined in the administration section at Mobility India and currently Jayakodi works as the programme manager in the fund raising and communication department at Mobility India. Speaking to Techspirit, Jayakodi says: “Sitting at one place I can now do my work. Computer has been a boon for people like me. The things which might have been impossible for us to do physically, the advancement of technology has now made it possible. Computer has become the world, if we wish to study we do not need to travel taking all difficulties, we can sit at home and browse for courses and get the online admissions done. Even if we wish to go for shopping I now have ample of choice, I can get anything at my doorstep with just one click.”

Earlier we never used to have information about any issues related to differently abled and the facilities available, but now with the coming in of computers and the access to internet we have now become aware of our rights. Any information we require is now available through the google search engine. Nobody can cheat us. Computers have made us independent, Jayakodi said.

Relating about her struggle initially Jayakodi says “Those days we did not know about reservations for the differently abled in government jobs and also about the loans being provided by banks for educational purpose. Once I was attending an interview for a clerical job at a government department, I had cleared the written examination but during the viva as soon as they saw me they said no. I had to face with similar incidents many times. But I never gave up.”

However, at Mobility India I have learnt a lot and got a lot of exposure. I used to be scared talking to people, but now I am a part of the communication team at the organization, where I need to do a lot talking. This has instilled a lot of confidence in me, she further stressed.

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Luna Dewan

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