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Technology eases Hair Transplant Surgeons

Integration of knowledge for improving quality of life is the purpose of technology. Today’s generation is more involved into integration of knowledge and applying it to daily life than any other in history. I just heard a joke of first standard kids which shows how good is this generation at evaluating and verifying the truth and refusing to accept or believe blindly. The teacher is asking a kid – why are you not studying your maths? Kid replies – Mam! first you decide what to teach? one day you say 3+2 =5, next time you say 4+1=5. Are you sure? One day you say 2+2=4 and 2×2=4, then you say 3+3=6 and 3×3=9. You formulations and results are changing every time? Do you really think I should follow this teaching?

It is known that bias and belief can influence analysis of a research study. Coming to application of knowledge. Knowledge has two kinds of integration. Vertical integration of lower to higher grades of information and growth in the same subject. AND Horizontal integration of knowledge from one field applied to another field for better benefit. This is application of physics and engineering to biology. Here science changed to technology.

Hair Transplant

Dr Rajesh Rajput, Hair Restore Aesthetic & Hair Transplant Surgeon.

Video microscope for evaluating the scalp and hair roots with density and calibre counts- Technology has helped me as a Hair Transplant Surgeon to improve hair evaluation and hair care. A simple video microscope can visualise the hair 30 times magnified to show the discrepancy in density, calibre, hair quality, also examine the scalp skin quality, pores, dryness, dandruff, irritation and inflammation. It opens up a whole new set of parameters to advise hair care and follow the progress and improvement of the hair care. These images can be captured, stored, printed, compared to give objective assessment to the patients. Maximum benefit can be judged to standardize treatment protocols.

Stereo microscope for graft dissection and quality control – For hair transplant procedure, real time microscope image can be seen in 4x -10x magnification allowing precise graft dissection. The doctor can preserve the sebaceous gland, the stem cell bulge area, the hair bulb protected with fat left behind over it, narrow the epidermis and create the best quality graft for implantation. All this done with best ergonomic sitting position and good support.

Hair growth Laser Therapy (US FDA approved) helps patients add new hair without surgery – Human body when exposed to sunlight starts making Vitamin D. Green leaves exposed to sunlight start manufacturing food for the plant. Today we have a defined frequency of Low Level Light Therapy which when exposed to dormant, sleeping, non functional hair roots, will trigger regrowth. The technology has helped us produce new hair growth without hair transplant.

The writer is Dr Rajesh Rajput, Hair Restore Aesthetic & Hair Transplant Surgeon.

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