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Adopt Technology Driven Elsys’ Raksha SafeDrive for Safe and Responsible Driving

Everyone has been talking about road safety and driving cautiously but how to deal with any such related emergency when faced with, is something which is hardly being discussed about. Driven by this thought and also to serve the people Prasad Pillai and Jayanth Jagadeesh, Co-founder of Elsys Intelligent Devices Pvt. Ltd, has come up with Raksha SafeDrive, a smart road safety platform enabled by the Electronics, Internet of Things (IoT), Telecommunications and Cloud Technologies for safe and responsible driving. The platform involves SafeDrive – An innovative IoT Car gadget connected to RakshaNet – a network of emergency services.

Raksha SafeDrive device.

Raksha SafeDrive device.

With this initiative, Elsys Intelligent Devices Pvt. Ltd an Indian startup, aims to create a comprehensive and integrated system for effective emergency and health care needs.It can be noted that road accident has been the highest man made cause for untimely death across the world and which are preventable. It is estimated that by 2030, road accidents will be the 5thleading cause of deaths worldwide, killing more people than HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria combined. Unfortunately, India is among the nations with highest number of road fatalities. Analayzing all these instances, after having conducted over two years of research and tests, the co-founders have come up with the Raksha SafeDrive device.

About the working of the device, SafeDrive has automatic crash detection capabilities and will alert the command centre with the location and an initial assessment of the crash for effective management of emergency services. This standalone IoT device also works as smart panic button, capable of GPS tracking, reporting telemetrics and improving driving behaviour. In case of an emergency, SafeDrive will open a communication channel, at the touch of a button between the people necessary to effectively manage the situation. This may include family, friends, first responders, ambulance, hospital, police, insurance provider and roadside assistance.

raksha logoApplying technology to make adoption of road safety and compliance ‘Cool’ and incentivize good driving behaviour is what Elsys aspires for. Prasad Pillai, Co-founder, Elsys said, “We’ve spent the last two years indigenously designing and making SafeDrive cool, affordable and compatible with most cars running on Indian roads. We believe that ours is a true Make-In-India effort to address a global hard-pressing problem”.

Meanwhile, Jayanth Jagadeesh, Co-founder, Elsys said, “Internet & crowdfunding platforms have been successful globally in bringing out disruptive products and transforming the way of life. We hope that our campaign will spark mainstream discussions and bring together various stakeholders required to make our roads safer”. 

RakshaSafeDrive has incorporated the best practices outlined in United Nations Resolution on ‘Improving Global Road Safety’ as well as Government of India’s proposed Road Safety Bill. RakshaSafeDrive has been launched as a technology campaign on KickStarter, and pre-orders can be made. For details regarding device pre-order could check –

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