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Terraa – an Innovative App to Make Shopping Fun and Easy

With the fast moving life and also the necessity of having both working spouse across all major cities, they often find difficult to go for their regular grocery shopping. In a bid to make the routine grocery shopping activity more easy and fun at the same time addressing their exact needs Terraa, an innovative app was launched.

The Terraa application, developed by Divum Labs Private Limited, applies the recommendation engine, wherein locality patterns, area patterns, circle patterns and gender patterns are observed. Based on these patterns, users are given intuitive and quality recommendations of products. The recommendation engine is the core of Terraa’s application, allowing developers to use innovative and instinctive methods to meet the needs of our customers.

Meanwhile Terraa’s expert team is also looking at exploring IoT options in order to enhance customers online grocery shopping experience. Terraa has partnered with Reliance Fresh and gojavas, to bring the best experience to its users, as well as leverage their expertise and market intelligence.

With over 4500 items in their store, Terraa offers its customers with a wide range of groceries at unbeatable prices and deliver them to their doorstep. The application has introduced a new feature called ‘House-cart’, which allows the users to add, remove or update their shopping cart with friends and family in real-time.

Currently, Terraa is available for users in Bengaluru. Making it easier for Kannada literates, giving a particular group of target customers the opportunity to shop in a language they are comfortable with Terraa has recently been launched in Kannada as well. In the next quarter, Terraa plans to expand to four new cities and by next year to 90 cities. The Terraa app is available to download for both Android and IOS users.

Releasing Terraa in Kannada, Sethuraman Vaideeswaran, founder of Terraa says, “This will help enhance these group activities by making it easier for users to refer to certain products in a language that they are comfortable with. In this context, we have made identifying products easier by translating the staple products, and transliterating the branded products. Furthermore, we are looking to do the same as we expand geographically – once the app is available in other cities across India, we will cater to the local languages of those areas in order to have everyone participate and use the app at their comfort.”


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Luna Dewan

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