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ThalCare heading ahead in systematic thalassemia management

Thalassemia is one among the few diseases which requires life long treatment and medication. This again call for a tedious management of the documents for those suffering from it and for their family members too. Making the best use of technology, Bengaluru based Sankalp India Foundation in association with Jagriti Innovations has come up with a dedicated software- ThalCare meant specifically for systematic management of medical information and records for thalassemia patients.

ThalCare is a web based information management and treatment assistance, tele-medicine and networking tool to provide the critical care and management necessary for the well being of individuals suffering from thalassemia. Apart from management of the disease, the tool also helps track transfusions, lab investigations, family support, complication management, vaccination, growth and other relevant issues. Meanwhile, ThalSense is an in-built intelligence engine which processes the data to generate alerts, suggestions and indications for proper management of disease as per international guidelines for the local doctors. It is single point of storage of all information related to these patients and generates reports and indicators on the progress and treatment of each child and the centre as a whole.

ThalCare has been tailormade to suit the specific need of Sankalp India Foundation. Currently the Foundation is making use of this software at two centers in Bengaluru-Indira Gandhi Institute of Child Health and Rashtrotthana Parishat and one centre at Lok Manya Tilak General Hospital in Mumbai. The tool will soon be rolled out in Hyderabad said RajatKumar Agarwal,CEO, Jagriti Innovations.

Every 21 days, children ailing with thalassemia needs to undergo blood transfusion and this has to go on lifelong. Added to it after few months they need to undergo tests for iron level as continuous blood transfusion leads to higher iron level for which they need to be under medical supervision. With majority of these kids belonging to poor economic family, making sure of the treatment in itself has been a cause of concern so preventive and comprehensive care for children ailing with thalassemia has always taken a backseat.

Speaking about the working of ThalCare, Rajat said: “About 90% of the children ailing with thalassemia die of inadequate management. With ThalCare once the doctors feeds in the medical records of the thalassemia children to the software, the system manages all the medical data, comes up with treatment menu and presents specific alerts and indications which enable the management of the disease in-line with international protocols laid out by Thalassemia International Federation.”

Meanwhile, for the doctors too, turning back to the medical records of these thalassemia kids every time they come is not at all possible. ThalCare also enables the centers to collaborate with multidisciplinary experts online. The report generated through ThalCare is sent for review to an expert from Cure2children an international organization working for the cause of thalassemia children, said Rakesh Dhanya, volunteer from Sankalp India Foundation.

Currently, ThalCare also integrates with mobile based application for the patients. The app helps patients to adherence to treatment protocols, access to relevant medical records, seek help in emergency, scheduling visits with doctors, networking with other individuals suffering from the same disease.ThalCare has been much appreciated nationally and internationally and has received several prestigious honours including Manthan Awards for Digital Inclusion-2013, Novatris Thalassemia App Challenge-2013 and the Spirit of Humanity Awards-2014.

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