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Track your health activity with GetActive tapp

In this age of new technology and fast moving life, physical exercise and personal health among people seems to have taken a back seat. Right from kids to elderly people, all of them seems to be engaged with one or the other form of technology. In a bid to help people track their individual activity, making use of the technology, Get Active, a fitness technology start-up in the wearable segment has come up with a GetActive tapp.

GetActive tapp, is an indigenously developed and designed product which follows World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines to benchmark individual activity levels. It tracks daily physical activity like -steps taken in a day, calories burnt, distance covered in ‘km’, and non-sedentary time spent all day. These wearables are mainly intended for people suffering from diabetes and other lifestyle disorders. The aim is to get people – diabetics and otherwise to walk since it is one of the most popular and widely recommended forms of physical activities. Walking is easy, relaxing and can be done practically anywhere. Most important, it is highly effective at controlling blood glucose levels. It uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to communicate automatically with mobile phones.

A first glance at the GetActive tapp, which was launched in September 2014 and it looks like a wrist band sporting a sleek and trendy design which wirelessly syncs with your smart phone to deliver live fitness stats, which can be viewed on a personalized dashboard that can be downloaded both by iOS and android phones. To start up, one just needs to tap on the GetActive tapp to know the time and steps and can track the activity even when you are moving. It can also manage the body mass index (BMI) of the user. In addition, it allows you to accumulate currency for every step taken, which can be redeemed in GetActive’s partner ecosystem.

Meanwhile, going forward the GetActive ecosystem is also on the plans to comprise of medical experts, nutritionist, health insurance companies, hospitals and lifestyle companies. GetActive aims at increasing and sustaining regular physical activity through quantification and social engagement. Over the last three years, GetActive has empowered more than fifteen thousand people towards a healthier and happier life across the country. It has also tied up with 28 corporates to improve the work productivity and efficiency of their employees. At the corporate level, it increases employee engagement through virtual walkathons, groupathons and other interesting challenges.

It has also been seen that according to a recent Accenture report, consumers in India were most interested in buying fitness monitors (80 %), smart watches (76%) and Internet-enabled eyeglasses (74 %).

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Luna Dewan

Luna Dewan

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