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Track your health on real-time basis with TrackMyBeat

Of recent we are witnessing a rise in the number of doctors no doubt, but simultaneously the number of diseases particularly the lifestyle diseases have also seen an exponential growth over the past few years. Hence, personalized and self monitoring of one’s health has become a necessity. With the advancement of technology it is now possible for people to manage and keep a track of their own health. Working towards this line Mr Ananda Sen Gupta, a proficient in the telecommunications and health technology industry and Dr. Vishwakirti Sharma, an orthopedic surgeon have come up with TrackMyBeat, an innovative healthcare technology offering a complete health and wellness management system on real-time basis.

trackmybeatlogoAs it is often said prevention is better than cure, so this new TrackMyBeat is also focused on prevention of lifestyle diseases. The subscriber can proactively manage his or her health through automated alerts. The product also highlights the efficacy of various interventions and activities in improving the user’s well-being. TrackMyBeat Application is basically a Health Monitoring Application which takes your health reading from health device and upload the same on TrackMyBeat web server using TrackMyBeat mobile application.

Currently the application supports health parameters like blood pressure, blood sugar, weight and temperature. A simple bluetooth-enabled health diagnostic devices are used to monitor the subscriber’s health. The relevant data is then captured through the subscriber’s mobile phone and can be accessed through the personalized web portal from anywhere.

The solution empowers the user to be in control of their own health by being aware of their health status and by being able to schedule planned interventions. It also enables their doctors to make more informed decisions when prescribing a treatment for the user. The basic advantages of TrackMyBeat app includes: Real-time tracking of health parameters using a mobile app and point-of-care devices, conveniently located in your home or workplace, automatically generated alerts and reminders which enable you to take timely action and secure medical records with subscriber specific pages for family and caregiver.


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Luna Dewan

Luna Dewan

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