Track your Sleep Quality with BEDDIT Sleep Tracker

By Soumyalipa Das.

Not able to concentrate on work due to poor sleep quality? Beddit technology in collaboration with Vitalmed Research Centre has developed a Sleep Tracker that quantifies a person’s activity during sleep. This in turn would help to seek for immediate intervention as per the need. It is mainly based on Ballistocardiography (BCG). Beddit’s sensitive force sensor tracks breathing, heartbeat and movements of our body.

There are many mobile apps that help us detect our sleeping conditions. Although these apps work well but the best sleep-tracking devices are the ones that come in contact with our body when we are asleep, they tend to give better and accurate results than the mobile apps.

BEDDIT Sleep Tracker is easy to use and doesn’t interrupt our way of sleeping. This thin band can be placed on the mattress. The sensor film has adhesive on one side that helps the band to stay firm and then it can be plugged into a USB power supply. The data collected is sent to the mobile device via Bluetooth which is analyzed and displayed on the Beddit app. It shows detailed information about the sleep activity. It gives a sleep score and shows how you slept the previous night. If the score is in the ‘green zone’, you had a sound and good night’s sleep. Detailed sleep graphs and data analyzes how much time it took to fall asleep, about sleep cycle-when you entered a stage of deep sleep, whether you were restless and changed sides. It can also distinguish snoring activity via the help of sensor and mobile microphone.

These different signals help the tracker to analyze the sleep quality and amount of sleep that would be beneficial for us. The best feature is it detects the heart-rate as well, mobile apps don’t do that. This way we can analyse if our heart is functioning fine or not.

Beddit seems to be an ultimate sleep guide and would work best for insomniac people and people who have sleeping disorders, but then if at all a person don’t have any health issues its better to check the sleeping efficiency once in a while. The smart sleep monitor can be purchased from Beddit or Amazon at a price of $149.


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