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Healthcare institutes have always played an integral part in our lives in order to address our day to day ailments, diseases and deficiencies. While much emphasis is paid to the progressive standards of medical treatment and knowledge, little attention is given to the role and lack of technology in the logistical and operational functionality of hospitals, clinics and labs. This has led to unnecessary hassles disabling the timely performance of these entities especially in a sector where a stitch in time can save nine. Filling the gap in this market is Attune Technologies which is software built for the integration of the entire healthcare ecosystem, with the minimal aid of a computer and internet connectivity. This cloud based system can be scaled from a single General Practice Clinic to a National Healthcare Network.

Attune Technology

Arvindkumar Alagarswamy, Founding Member & CEO, Attune Technology.

Launched in the year 2008 with a vision of managing the humongous amounts of health information around the world, Attune is on a mission to provide innovative solutions to hospitals and labs in the APAC and MENA regions through appropriate usage of technology. Attune is headquartered in Singapore and has seven branch offices.

Major solutions offered by Attune are HealthKernel – a complete state of the art, secure and cloud based solution for hospitals that integrates all its departments such as billing, purchasing & inventory, OP, IP, Blood bank, radiology and branches even if they are geographically distributed. Secondly LabKernel – a product that combines all its collection centres, branches and partner networks into a single platform to facilitate easy functioning and ClinicKernel – integrates all the departments and branches irrespective of their geographical distance and distribution.

Founded by four experts in the field- A Arvind Kumar, V. Ramakrishnan, Dr. Anand Gnanaraj and P. Mohanaraj, the idea initially was to establish a firm that would maintain electronic medical records for hospitals. However, when the first model was taken to clients, they learnt that many hospitals did not have even a basic IT system in place. In view of the situation, the founders re-initiated the entire process to create a product in line with the Indian healthcare industry needs. As a result, a technological platform was incepted that now offers cloud based solutions for hospitals, laboratories and clinics, where the IT infrastructure is managed by Attune.

Charting a success story Attune has evolved immensely from being a data entry tool to a workflow automation solution. Ever since its inception, it has procured funding twice; once from Mercatus Capital and later from Norwest Venture Partners. Attune has never looked back ever since. Cruising beyond Indian shores, it has also entered into the markets of Indonesia, Bali and Dubai today.


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