Turn to OnHub Wi-Fi Router for Efficient Internet Working

By Soumyalipa Das.

Internet has become a part of our life and nowadays we have more than one device that requires a Wi-Fi connection. With our day to day life so busy, we want a fast and steady router that allows us to work efficiently and watch music or video without the annoying streaming. Google’s latest OnHub router does it all, one could turn to OnHub Wi-Fi Router for Efficient Internet Working. Gone are the days of the blinking lights, tangled cords and complicated settings.

Google has introduced the OnHub router that is fast, secure and definitely does not look like the old routers. These OnHub devices are designed to comprise compact antennas that make it sturdy and efficient giving us a steady Wi-Fi. As good as it looks the antennas intelligently finds the best Wi-Fi channel for uninterrupted access and also updates itself automatically. The set up is via an app and will give details about how much Wi-Fi is being used.

Now Google has partnered with Asus and is ready to launch an advanced version of the OnHub router which more or less works the same way but has an amazing innovative feature. The latest Asus OnHub will have a “wave control” which allows the user to boost the Wi-Fi speed on one device by waving your hand over the Asus OnHub device.

The Google OnHub is an AC1900 Wi-Fi router. It has a 3×3 (three-stream) 802.11ac routers with 1GB RAM and 4GB of flash memory. In addition to this it have 13 internal antennas arranged in a circular pattern, out of which three pairs are for 2.4GHz band and three pairs for the 5GHz band along with one for only signal boosting. It boasts of a speed upto 1900Mbps on both 5GHz and 2.4GHz, which seems pretty fast. The router has just one LAN port and one WAN port but Google markets that overtime it is going to improve with its latest software updates and has way more plans of making it more than just a good-looking router. The device also includes a Bluetooth Smart Ready, 802. 15.4 and weave that means it will connect to more devices overtime.

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