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Turn to Pickcel for digital signage solution in your locality

It is the digital era and everyone is looking for a quicker appealing way to get the information just at one’s finger tips. You go to a shopping mall and all the offers available for the day are displayed in the big screen right at the entrance, then you go to a hospital, you could see your waiting number and also several health advertisements being displayed in the digital screen. But taking up this idea to a hyper-local level and local neighborhood is something innovative which is being done by Pickcel.

Bengaluru based Pickcel is a cloud based digital signage system for communication and marketing. Pickcel which has a total of 16 team members all from engineering background provides easy, effective and flexible way of advertising for small medium and big enterprises in one’s neighbourhood in a cost-effective way. For instance if an aerobic instructor wants to advertise, create a campaign around her/his locality can come to Pickcel platform and select the screens of her area and upload the video targeted for her locality and in a span of just five minutes, it will be on in the screen. With the cloud based advertisement platform all these will be managed centrally through Pickcel office located at HSR Layout in Bengaluru.

Ever since its launch in 2014, Pickcel today has a total of 150 digital display screens across Bengaluru. Speaking to Techspirit, Abhijit Chaudhary, Co-Founder, Pickcel said: “We are now tying up with apartments and putting up these screens which a part of it is being used as digital notice boards to wish for birthdays, any events, garbage collections notices and the other half is being used for advertisements of retail stores or opening of any restaurants around the apartment etc. The revenue generated from the advertisements is shared with the apartments, hence making it a win-win situation for the apartments.”

Meanwhile, Nationwide Healthcare, India’s pioneering chain of primary care clinics has already adopted Pickcel for their in-patient communication. Talks are on with other hospitals like Narayana Health and St John’s Hospitals too. Pickcel services are currently available at Bengaluru, Chennai, Mumbai and is soon starting in Delhi, Abhijit said.

What had started with the initial idea of providing queue management platform for the hospital OPD’s, Pickcel is now moved to FMCG companies, apartments, colleges etc. One of the major advantages of displaying through Pickcel is that advertisers can do monthly weekly campaign and change the campaign on fly which is not possible through any other media. Further adding Abhijit said: “The response has been good and currently we have 150 screens running across Bengaluru. Catering to different verticals we are planning to cover Tier I and Tier II cities. By 2018 we are planning to cover one million screens and move to mobile phones as well.”

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Luna Dewan

Luna Dewan

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