Unitek brings about a revolution for innovative teaching and learning process for schools and individual students, fitting for 21st century


Change is the only thing constant and this holds true for the education system as well. Gone are the days when teaching and learning used to be confined to the four walls of a closed room where only the teachers used to do the talking and children were just silent recipients. With the rise in competition among students and the advancement in technology, teaching and learning now entails a varied arena which requires more of innovations to attract the young mind and make the learning quite interesting and enjoyable.

Making learning process attractive, interesting and innovative, taking into consideration the mindset and changing needs for 21st century students, Kerala based Unitek Software Private Limited which has developed syllabus based digital contents for schools and students is slowly garnering attention of institutions all across the globe. Unitek’s vision is to standardize the school level teaching and learning systems across the globe by providing innovative, scientific and advanced, and technological methods. It also aims to elevate every school to International standards and help every student achieve incredible success using these innovative technology. In a conversation with Techspirit, Chitharanjan, Managing Director of Unitek Software Pvt Ltd asserts the reason which led him to come up with the idea and what next. Here is an excerpt from the conversation:

TS: How did you get this idea of coming up with the Unitek software?

Chitharanjan : The development of a child is based on the acquisition of knowledge on various subjects in the authentic, scientific, proper and perfect manner. The process of learning is called education and it will be complete only if the students understand the real concepts interestingly, effectively, perfectly at a better, faster and interesting mode. Learned lessons will be rooted in the memory only if they practice those portions using various questions and methods.

Our planet has been reduced to a global village in the 21st century because of the amazing developments in the field of science and technology especially in the field of communication, travel and entertainment. In this global village millions of opportunities are awaiting our children. To grab those wonderful opportunities our children must learn 100 times better, faster, effective and confident. They must be competent enough to face the challenges from the children of the developed countries.

Many of the children are very brilliant but low scorers in exams. Some of the children are very smart in extracurricular activities, but not able to perform well in studies. Some students learn but forget faster. Some score good marks but fail in competitive exams. Some children if got a small support will be able to perform extremely well. But very old methods of teaching and learning, poor quality of teaching fail in providing a strong foundation on the subjects and leads to lack of confidence, fear of exams and ends up in poor scoring in exams.

Adding to the agony most of the parents are not trained enough and competent enough to teach their children, especially especially subjects like Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Grammar when their children reach high schools. So the children will have to depend upon expensive tuitions, misguiding guides, unauthentic CD’s, non-dependable internet based resources and many other tedious methods.

I myself and my children also faced such difficulties as mentioned above. Thousands of parents and their children also face such problems. This lead me to think about a one-step permanent remedy to such problems. Our team consisting of educational experts, renowned teachers, scientists, language experts, clinical psychologists, and technological experts conducted research for years in the school level educational sector and developed unmatched, most advanced, fully syllabus based learning, practicing and scoring methods.

Easy techniques, trial and error practicing modules, problem solving methods, visual assisted explanations, scientifically prepared notes etc give a very strong foundation. It gives the result of a world class teacher monitoring and assisting the student 24x 7 for the entire school years of a student.

In the most advanced world, students should be independent in studies. They should learn at par with international standards. They should be able to compete with any student from the international world. They should start loving Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Grammar , Computer Science etc and should write the exam without fear but with confidence. This thought led us to introduce these software solutions for students, schools and teachers.

TS: If you could briefly explain about the working of the software?

Chitharanjan : Our software packages are purely based on syllabus. They cover CBSE, ICSE and various state Board syllabuses in India. The software packages are available for students and schools right from Pre-school level to 12th class/grade. All our software packages are working fully offline and no need of internet is required.

In the kindergarten section, language learning sector, phonics with pronunciation skills development, math, science, writing skills, hundreds of activities, translators, stories, and many wonderful features for giving the real concepts at its perfection are given. Thus students get a very strong foundation in all the subjects easily. Activities for the brain developments, analytical skill development, speed and accuracy enhancements, enhancing creativity and talents, colouring, spelling skills, phonics and pronunciation skills, writing skills and colour mixing skills and many other features are included.

Class 1 onwards every chapter and topic in the text book is scientifically explained step by step using visuals, graphs and animations. This gives a very strong foundation in the concepts and entire lessons get rooted in the memory and gives a very strong foundation in the subjects.. This elevates the confidence excellently. Excellent notes prepared by India’s top level experts and verbal explanation by educational experts will make the learned lessons rooted in the memory.

Every chapter is having different sets of questions. In every set there will be several types of questions and in every type there will be several questions. Thus in Mathematics hundreds of questions are given in every chapter. Questions of various difficulty levels, previous year’s questions, questions selected by experts, mix of huge varieties of tests, solutions for questions, trial and error systems are some of the major features of the software packages.

Medical and Engineering entrance coaching modules are also available with thousands of tests of various levels, previous years questions, solutions on a single click, IIT previous year’s questions and solutions, JEE solved questions etc are given.

Our genius series products cover every chapter which will contain many sets of questions. In one type there will be several questions and in mathematics there will be hundreds of questions to practice. If required solutions also can be generated.

TS: When was the software launched and till date how many schools are using it?

Chitharanjan : Unitek Software Pvt Ltd, founded in 1994 launched its first product in the same year. Unitek is the first company in India which launched fully offline syllabus learning technology. We have created millions of successful students all along these two decades. Thousands of school are using our contents in their smart classes and training labs and millions of students are using the same in their study rooms. Thousands of top rank holders in various medical and engineering exams in India are our customers. We have our customers across 22 countries.

TS:. Do you have any other competitor in the market? How is your product different from the others?

Chitharanjan : Unitek Software is developing fully offline and fully syllabus based products. The economical pricing, perfect quality, and unmatched service and supports make Unitek the best in market without any serious competitors. Our unique Random Generation technology gives unlimited options for practicing. Updates are available on syllabus change. There is no need of a resource coordinator, server or networking for our software. Every teacher naturally becomes a resource coordinator. Every chapter and topic are given in the same order as in the text book.

TS: What is next in the planning?

Chitharanjan : Our next aim is to reach every home and every school and make the learning an amazing experience for every student and make students love learning. Help the students score 100% marks in exams with high accuracy and speed. Also help them competitive enough to face challenging competitive exams and be successful in life. Once the population was a curse on India, but we want to play a key role in helping every child in education to be successful is our main aim. Scientific education gives value addition to a human being. India’s emerging young generation will be developed and emerged as a huge group of qualified personnel who can conquer the world with their education in various fields. The Indian youth will be the most sought after man power in the world.

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