Use HUDWAY’s Smartphone Accessory for Distraction Free Driving

By Soumyalipa Das.

There are over 600 million people in the world who drive cars and based on research approximately 80% of accidents take place due to distracted driving. There are many reasons behind getting distracted but the most fatal accidents are caused when we are on the phone. To do away with this HUDWAY is offering a Smartphone accessory that turns the display of our phones into head-up display (HUD). They are convenient and display all the information required on the windshield of a car. It helps drivers focus on the road while driving, rather than getting distracted by their smart devices.

There are cars that manufacture built-in HUD displays and there also are portable HUD devices in the market, but they cost hundreds of dollars, HUDWAY costs way less and works as efficiently as its counterparts making it affordable for everyone.

HUDWAY glass component is a plastic lens and lightweight making it less fragile. But the secret feature is the multilayered glass coating that makes for an enhanced and transparent display giving us a clearer view while driving. The package also has two mounts, one compact and the other adjustable for wide range of angles. The mounts have a magnet that keeps the Smartphone firm and doesn’t let it slip when brakes are applied.

It’s easy to use, just have to set the mount on the dashboard, use a Smartphone app that supports HUD, place the phone on the platform and set the display. HUDWAY is right now available on kickstarter at only $49 for pre-orders.

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