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Vikram Hospital Collaborates with Tricog Health to Facilitate Quick Medical Access

Vikram Hospital, Bengaluru announced a tie-up with Tricog Health, a city-based startup to provide enhanced, patient-centric, quick and efficient medical services to patients with cardiac ailments. Under the partnership, Tricog’s ECG devices have been installed in several clinics and nursing homes across Bengaluru; these devices are connected to a centralized monitoring server that is capable of providing real-time reporting of ECG results. This helps the attending doctor at the clinics raise an immediate alert to intimate a cardiologist at Vikram Hospital.

With this facility patients with abnormalities in their reports will be immediately recommended and transferred by the attending doctors (with consent from the patient’s attendant) to a cardiologist at Vikram Hospital ensuring a significant reduction in mortality rates due to unattended heart attacks. This new technology has been developed keeping in mind the changing environment and to help patients gain quick, accurate and affordable diagnosis for cardiac treatments.

“The first hour is the golden hour and is crucial for any patient suffering from a heart attack. We, at Vikram Hospital, are trying to provide patients with the best possible treatment in this crucial golden hour. Time loss is one of the biggest reasons and cause for death in cases of heart attacks. Most of the times, patients are unaware that they are suffering a heart attack. However, timely diagnosis and reporting can make a world of a difference in the way treatment is delivered to the patient. The installation of this software will ensure that the necessary diagnosis is done and treatment is provided at the right time helping the patient take an informed decision”, said Dr Ranganath Nayak, Medical Director at Vikram Hospital Bengaluru.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Sudhir Pai, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer, Vikram Hospital, Bengaluru said “We are absolutely delighted to partner with Tricog Health. This collaboration is another step in extending our reach of 24/7 healthcare services to residents of the city. This partnership is also a step towards widening our horizon to patients from areas which may not necessarily have the medical resources or requisite facilities to attend to serious cardiac situations. We have already installed Tricog ECG devices at 40 centers which include primary care, nursing homes and clinics in the neighborhood.

Emphasizing on the need for the collaboration, Dr. Zainul Charbiwala, Founder, Tricog said: “We are excited that Vikram Hospital, Bengaluru is the first to install the Tricog solution to help patients suffering from heart ailments. Together, we can bring the doctor and patients closer to timely and accurate diagnosis. Tricog ECG devices are connected to the cloud and are accessed only by trained expert doctors. Within minutes of collecting the ECG results, the diagnosis is shared with both the patient and the doctor in real-time. The system is designed to additionally enable continuity of care at a tertiary centre when required.”


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