Who’s afraid of net neutrality? Fascists, that’s who! Part 2

Below are views aired by business professionals who support net neutrality:

CEO of Rainmaker and, Antony Alex, who is also a legal expert: “Currently, the law as it stands is silent in net neutrality, which is why ISPs are trying to take advantage and come out with different plans that violate net neutrality. Hence the TRAI and DoT consultation papers. One critical aspect of violating net neutrality is with respect to breach of anti-trust laws. Abuse of dominant position by ISPs leading to customers being adversely impacted, could be viewed as breaching the Competition Act. Plans similar to Airtel’s Zero plan could potentially fall afoul of the Competition Act. The govt would be well-advised to think this through carefully as it has also free speech and privacy implications.”

Tripti Lochan, CEO of VML: “Keeping neutrality of data is sacred. It levels the playing field and as a country gives us hope, that we are about enterprise and not just about scale, where big eats small. It’s about a very simple fundamental principle- equality. Today, consciously, let’s make a choice that counts.”

Anil Bhandari, Mentor at ANB Global: “…Consumers should demand that ISPs continue their hands-off approach from the internet traffic. If consumers see a violation of net neutrality, they ought to take a proactive approach and register their displeasure with the ISP. They should also reward ISPs that uphold the net neutrality.”

Cleartrip clarified it’s position regarding “…The recent debate around #NetNeutrality gave us pause to rethink our approach to and the idea of large corporations getting involved with picking and choosing who gets access to what and how fast… It is impossible to pretend there is no conflict of interest (both real and perceived) in our decision to be a participant in In light of this, Cleartrip has withdrawn our association with and participation in entirely.”

Kashyap Vadapalli, CMO of Pepperfry: “Lack of net neutrality supports a monopolistic market which will adversely affect the growing start-up ecosystem… We do not encourage discrimination of any sorts when it comes to consumer’s access to information.”

Sumit Jain, Co-founder & CEO of CommonFloor: “…By rejecting net neutrality, we will be shutting the door on the entrepreneurial aspirations of millions, leaving telecos to play the gate-keeper to the internet, and challenging the democratic behavior that the internet is known for.”

Founder of Stayzilla, Yogendra Vasupal: “The current way of individual companies buying Internet for their consumers is a slippery slope… Internet is all about freedom of choice. Keeping in mind that currently it would be free only if you use a particular company makes it free at the cost of the freedom of choice it offers. This is everyone’s loss.”

Sameer Parwani, Founder & CEO of CouponDunia: “We will stand for net neutrality… It is the internet that has given hope and aspirations to the country’s common man…”

In closing, TRAI could learn from the U.S. FCC, which voted for net neutrality, prohibiting ISPs from blocking and throttling traffic and from giving access priority for money.

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Tracy Venkatesh

Tracy Venkatesh

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