Xbox One to feature backwards compatibility

Today, Microsoft announced that the Xbox One will come equipped with backwards compatibility, meaning users can play their Xbox 360 games with the device. Players who are enrolled in the preview program can test it out today.

When demonstrated on stage with Mass Effect, the all digital Xbox One proved to be quite different from Xbox 360. Players can purchase games online and download them directly to the Xbox One, or they can opt to use games stored on discs. The Xbox One comes with new features such as Game DVR, game streaming and screenshot options. Microsoft says it expects to have more than 100 games ready for the program by the holiday season, just in time for the launch. The company added that developers only need to approve a 360 title for backwards compatibility in order to make their games available, and that no extra work is expected to be required. Aside from the Xbox One, a compatible controller, the Xbox One Elite, has been unveiled. The controller comes with four “paddle” buttons on the back, sensitivity controls, and swappable paddles and joysticks.

Microsoft took digs at Sony when it said, “Gamers won’t have to pay to play games they already own.” Sony is charging players to use PS2 and PS3 games with its PlayStation 4, by way of its PlayStationNow cloud game streaming service. A teaser image displayed other games, including Shadowrun, Gears of War, Super Meat Boy, Halo Reach, Halo 3, Borderlands and Perfect Dark Zero.

Microsoft has provided updates on the company website with more information about the Xbox One. The page mentions that the information provided applies to both digital and disc games, while adding that cross-console multiplayer is included, and it will be possible to transfer any cloud game saves, achievements and Gamerscore data to the new system.

In addition to the Xbox One announcement, Microsoft recently announced a Windows 10/Xbox One partnership with Oculus, along with another partnership with Valve to “make Windows 10 the best platform for VR gaming.” The company also announced plans to build a version of Minecraft specifically for the Microsoft HoloLens augmented reality headset.

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Tracy Venkatesh

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