Zicom to launch Ziman- a new age 24×7 virtual protector

We are familiar with the likes of Superman, Spiderman and their capabilities and activities. Now,Zicom Electronic Security Systems Limited, has developed ‘ZIMAN,’ a virtualprotector for the safety of its users.

As your virtual protector that converts your mobile phone to a security device, you can call for help as well as help yourself. Ziman can be downloaded on Samsung smart phones. It helps before emergencies with security alerts tailored to your location since you are aware of potential security risks and take appropriate proactive action. During an emergency, you can activate Ziman in five seconds by just pressing the power button on your phone five times when you are in any danger and it will send out alerts to your emergency contacts requesting for help. Even after an incident has occurred, Ziman helps by providing an emergency map that provides a list of emergency services located in the vicinity of the incident.

Ziman can be activated and used in various emergency scenarios where you are at risk like – robbery attempts, sexual or physical assaults, accidents, medical emergencies etc. Once the app is downloaded, the user will need to enter the mobile details and email addresses of their emergency contacts. ZIMAN can be triggered in the following ways – By using ‘Power button’: By pressing the Power button on your smart phone 5 times in quick succession or by using the ‘On screen button’: By tapping once on the onscreen button. By default both ways of activation are enabled.

Ziman is the result of our search and innovations for making lives safe for its users. There are two versions of Ziman – ‘Free’ and PRO. Free version sends SMS alerts to the two emergency contacts. In case of PRO, in addition to the SMS alerts,email alerts are sent to the emergency contacts along with your location details on a map, An automated voice call is made to the three emergency contacts alerting them about the incident” said Mr. Pramoud Rao, Managing Director, Zicom India.

In addition, users mobile phone automatically sends a video clip, audio clip and photographs of immediate surroundings to Zicom’s Cloud server. This information is kept confidential in accordance with Zicom’s privacy policy and can be provided as an incident report to authorized personnel. Moreover, Ziman can get alerts on adverse weather conditions, security incidents and relevant security news on your phone. It also helps the user to find hospital or police stations near to the user’s location.


(Source: Press release)


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  1. divyansh
    December 16, 2014 at 7:25 am — Reply

    I am listen on FM today,but in this app main problem you should on-off your mobile 5 to 7 times after it workes , takes lot off time.

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