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Zimmer’s advanced Knee Replacement System to address chronic knee problem

Zimmer, a leading International Knee replacement company has come up with Persona, a newly developed knee replacement for patient’s suffering from acute knee problems, in Karnataka. It ushers in a new era in total knee replacement, combining personalized implants with intelligent instrumentation, there by offering a higher level of intra-operative precision.

Persona was developed and perfected over a period of five years by scientist and engineers in active consultation with leading orthopaedic surgeons from across the world, using advanced principles of morphology, physiology, kinesiology and material science. Persona is now available to people in Bangalore and other parts of Karnataka. Every year around 5500 patients undergo knee replacement surgery in Karnataka, with over 70% of these surgeries taking place in Bangalore.

Persona offers a better fit, more natural feel and restoration of normal knee function efficiently. It addresses the most common total knee replacement problems – discomfort and pain. Earlier, people over 65 got this surgery done because the life of the replaced knee was unknown. But now, with the introduction of Persona, knees last longer and the expectations of patients can be easily matched.

It is considered that number of people suffering from knee problems in Karnataka is expected to grow in the coming years. Until now there has been a disconnect between patients’ expectations and the result after the surgery with patients complaining of their knee not feeling natural. The existing knee replacement surgery options have limitations of forms & sizes. Persona addresses these issues through an anatomically advanced design and a personalized fit, which also translates into a faster recovery time for patients. The Persona system gives surgeons special tools that assist them in precision placement of the knee replacement system.

Research shows that differences in bone shape influence the way knee replacements fit.  Zimmer pioneered gender-specific knee replacement designs, and with Persona is now extending that science to account for patient ethnicity and stature. It means Persona replicates the anatomy and biomechanics of the knee for a better fit, more natural feel and more normal function. Persona’s unmatched range of knee shapes and sizes offers patients the best possible fit for the best possible outcome. Persona is being complemented by Zimmer’s next generation of intelligent surgical instruments and surgical guidance systems that support more precise and reproducible surgeries.

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