Charging Station In Abbeville

Lakelands Carts Electric Charging Station

2808 SC-72 Abbeville, SC 29620

Hours of operation: 24 hours daily

Lakelands Carts

Lakelands Carts
Fuel Type: Electric Charging Station
2808 SC-72 Abbeville, SC 29620

Hours of operation: 24 hours daily
Phone: 864-229-2278

Number of Standard 110V Outlets:
Number of J1772 Connectors: 2
Number of DC Fast Chargers: 0
EV Connector Types: J1772

EV Network: Non-Networked

Last confirmed: 2022-04-06

Statewide Vehicle Cost Impacts

All plug-in EVs must pay an additional $120 fee biennially when renewing their car registration. So it will cost $240 every two years. For standard gasoline-powered hybrids without a plug, the added fee is halved to $60 biennially. These fees simply help cover road and infrastructure funds originally sustained by gas taxes that EVs avoid using.

Local Charging Station Savings

Luckily, Santee Cooper directly serves Abbeville County with an electric perk. Their generous residential program provides up to a $250 rebate when installing a specialized Level 2 charging station for your home. As long as technical requirements are met, simply submit a completed application post-purchase to secure your rebate amount directly from Santee Cooper. Details on program scope can be found on their EV website.

Coordinating SC’s EV Future

At the state level, progress continues toward creating frameworks for accelerating EV adoption. The regulatory Office of Regulatory Staff routinely spearheads meetings engaging public and private voices to chart potential policies, incentives, charging infrastructure growth, and consumer education tactics. Continued stakeholder involvement will help ensure South Carolina responsibly paves the way for EV expansion.

A Connected East Coast Charging Network

South Carolina has also joined the National Electric Highway Coalition – a collaborative of utilities along the entire East Coast from Maine down to Florida. Together they are coordinatively planning fast charging sites along all major interstate routes to enable convenient long distance EV trips. No matter what route Abbeville residents take when road tripping out of state, smooth and reliable charging is being enabled through this partnership.