Charging Station in Addison, AL

Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations in Addison, AL

Sorry, there aren’t any EV charging stations in or near Addison.

Alabama Power’s EV Time-Of-Use Rates

Residential customers who own or lease an EV can enroll in a specialized time-based pricing plan from Alabama Power. Rate prices fluctuate based on higher demand period, encouraging off-peak overnight charging when rates dip lower. Smart charging saves money while supporting grid efficiency. Details provided on Alabama Power’s EV rate plan website.

Alabama’s Electric Vehicle Fees

The state requires an additional annual fee when EV owners register their vehicle. The fee aims to replace gas tax revenue used for infrastructure funds. For 100% battery electric cars, it is $203 per year. For plug-in hybrid EVs, the annual charge is $103. Every 4 years, the fees rise by $3 as well.

A portion of annual EV fees fund Alabama’s Electric Transportation Infrastructure Grant Program – which installs more public charging stations statewide for convenience.

Coast-to-Coast Fast Charging Corridors

Alabama has joined a collaborative network of East Coast utilities planning strategic fast charger site locations along major interstates. This allows EV drivers seamless long distance trips. The goal is coordinating efficient charging expansion while avoiding duplication across multiple states. More National Electric Highway Coalition details can be found online.