Charging Station in Akron, AL

Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations in Addison, AL

Sorry, there aren’t any EV charging stations in or near Addison.

Electric Vehicle Incentives in Akron, Alabama

Akron currently offers limited incentives for electric vehicle drivers. However, new initiatives aim to expand EV infrastructure in the state.

Time-Of-Use Rates from Alabama Power

Alabama Power provides special time-of-use electricity rates for residential customers who own or lease an electric vehicle. Differential pricing applies depending on time of day and demand levels. See Alabama Power’s website for additional EV rate details.

Annual Electric Vehicle Fees

The state of Alabama requires EV owners to pay annual fees when registering vehicles to make up gas tax revenue losses from driving electric. All-electric vehicle registrations incur a $203 additional fee. Plug-in hybrid owners must pay a supplemental $103 annual charge. These rates increase by $3 every four years. A portion of fees fund Alabama’s Electric Transportation Infrastructure Grant Program for installing more charging stations.

Electric Highway Coalition

Alabama utilities joined the National Electric Highway Coalition to coordinate efficient electric vehicle charging infrastructure buildouts along major highway routes. The goal focuses on enabling long distance EV travel across state lines through collaborative deployment planning between utilities avoiding duplication while complementing existing stations.