Charging Station In Anderson, AL

Sorry, there aren’t any EV charging stations in or near Anderson.

Electric Vehicle Incentives in Anderson, Alabama

Anderson currently has limited EV incentives, but new programs aim to expand charging infrastructure across the state.

Alabama Power Time-Of-Use Rates

Alabama Power offers discounted time-of-use electric rates for residential customers who own or lease an EV based on charging time and demand. See Alabama Power’s website for full EV rate details.

Annual Electric Vehicle Registration Fees

EV drivers must pay annual registration fees in addition to standard costs to offset lost gas tax revenue, including a $203 fee for all-electric vehicles and $103 for plug-in hybrids. Fees fund the Electric Transportation Infrastructure Grant Program for installing more charging stations statewide.

National Electric Highway Coalition

Alabama utilities have partnered with the National Electric Highway Coalition to coordinate efficient and non-duplicative fast charging infrastructure along major interstate routes enabling long distance EV travel. The goal focuses on seamless charging across state lines through collaborative planning.